Tarot-Nick can u help me aswell?

  • Hi Tarot-nick, I hope everything is ok with you 🙂

    Can I also ask for a reading? Birthdate is 1989 11th of august

    I just got these: Which career is the right one for me? Am I on it or should I choose another profession, if so what?

    Will I reach my goals?

    Should I move to LA and study anyways?

    Me and B, will it happen or is it just hopeless?

    Love Gabi

  • I’ll pull a reading tonight for you, but I will pick up on emotions... whatever you are feeling strongly about will come up. I won't be able to tell you what to do, because you know you the best. Let's see what comes up...


  • rockof ages,

    Here you go,

    a return of enjoyment

    you have been feeling blah

    again things are going to turn around

    The question was about set backs...your questing someone did something

    recently you were not happy...like dissatisfied...

    your also worried about money...bills debts..

    you feel like you put a lot into work and have little to show

    you were going to start something .. either it was canceled or started out bad

    things aren't working out with a friend... feel like it's not fair..or they were in it for themselves

    there’s going to be a bunch of change...like everything breaking down

    keep your eyes open on your heart.. I feel tugging on the heart strings

    well things will change...even when you thing everything is crashing around you, that change builds you up and makes you tougher...keep your nose to the grind stone and work thru the challenges

    hope that helps,


  • things are kind of weird between me and a friend, she stopped talking to all of us and hasn´t told us why :S What do you mean by crashing down around me? Can you try to specify it?

  • Hi rockof ages,

    the las paragraph is my input, I add observations and hopefully help at the end of the reading. What I was feeling at the time of the reading was when trouble hits it doesn't hit alone. You get that feeling of why me...and then all the stuff just builds on your sholders and you can feel burried. That is the feeling I got... so I said when everything is crashing down; if felt like a combination of things...


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