Dear tarot-nick

  • If you have any time and space, may I please have a reading from you? πŸ™‚

    I would like a reading about love and career or anything you can pick up.

    I'm sort of insecure about relationships and about myself as well.

    Thank you so much in advance πŸ™‚

  • SunCappyGirl,

    I pull a reading for you tomorrow night...


  • Ok no problem plz take your time!

    Have a great night Nick!

  • Hi SunCappyGirl,

    Here is your reading,

    your feeling restricted and making a decision is hard

    your feeling restless and want a change

    things are not stable, and you’re not happy

    your question is about happiness

    you started out happy but recently things started to go bad

    I get the feeling things are going to start to change

    but you’re not going to feel in control

    you want to balance more than one thing...and that is causing the imbalance and indecision

    you put your trust in a friend, get the feeling something is up...feel uneasy

    someone told you what you wanted to didn't look deeply into it

    it will work itself out...I see joy in the end

    Wow this must really be bugging you...I feel tense...good thing is the ending and you will work things out. Try and think about what you are trying to balance and work on a plan to solve it

    hope that helps,


  • Thank you Nick so much for your reply!

    it really lifted me up thanks πŸ™‚

    You're right on everything you

    On the part that you said I feel restricted n unhappy,

    I feel restricted cuz I want to make a move and talk

    to someone I like but I stop myself cuz (I want to admit

    it and be honest) I'm afraid of being rejected or ignored.

    I'm glad to hear things will change!

    I welcome change πŸ™‚

    At work there's a lot of not so good things going on.

    I believe a lot of hatred towards me from the manager n her wife.

    I've been strong towards this and with God's help I've tried my

    best to keep goin and do my best.

    What's bugging me is that I refuse to take chances on

    the things I want cuz I feel I don't know how to do it.

    And I really want to change that about myself

  • Try this if you can, take it in baby steps and challenge yourself. An example, I hate speaking in front of people...I remember the first time, I was just pouring sweat...and your brain just locks up. So I forced myself to get better by doing it more.. I now volunteer my time for kids and I help them put a presentation together. I also interview them on camera to help them get over their fears, so take a negative and make it a positive...while helping others.

  • I hate speaking on front of ppl also and im pretty nervous around ppl in general lol

    I'll keep trying. I have tried all this time to be more outgoing and my friend helps a lot.

    It's hard but ill get there someday πŸ™‚

    That's pretty awesome! Sounds like something fun to do with kids.

    Thanks a lot for your time Tarot-nick!

    Have a good one!!

  • Hello Tarot-nick,

    Sorry to bother you again with this.

    Things at work are the same.

    Maybe there's something I did wrong during

    this time. I know im responsible for my life

    but sometimes I tend to feel like Im not

    making the right decisions.

    In what why do you see joy at the end of all this?

    Is there something I'm missing or not

    doin regarding "happiness "?

  • *way

  • Hi SunCappyGirl,

    Here is a reading for you, reading are a snap shot of what can be. The choices you make lead to outcomes and the good thing is the readings can help you look at your choices.

    it seems you are not happy and are running into obstacles

    which is why you are feeling blah and unproductive

    this is causing your mood to be unstable

    your looking for help from above, it will help to find peace

    There is someone helping you out listen to him

    your in a situation that you are not comfortable with, keep your eyes open

    someone is giving you wise advise listen to him

    Don't question yourself, you know you can do what needs to be done, trust yourself

    you cant want it so bad, you rush into it and you will miss what you are looking for, slow down let it happen

    again it is important to slow things down, let them take the course it needs to take

    again its saying you know what you need to do, believe in yourself

    So be patient and you can do it, work on that. That is the message that will lead to your choices.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks a lot Nick πŸ™‚

    I understand what you say that readings are

    snapshots about what can be and how we affect the

    outcome with our choices. That's where freewill comes

    into play πŸ™‚

    It helps a lot and I think I

    know what you mean by slowing down

    and letting things happen.

    I definitely need to keep my eyes open

    at work. I am in an uncomfortable situation there.

    Someone is giving me advice?

    hmm I'm not sure who. Ill need

    to pay more attention on what ppl

    tell me. I gotta believe more in myself.

  • You're my help from above!

    Thanks so much!

  • Now, Now,

    I am far from help from above...hahahaha

    What ever your belief is, it's important to have.

    The advise, I am not sure if it's coming from one person or there will be a second one... just keep an eye out.

    It is in you, to be able to accomplish your goal. Trust yourself...

  • I think ppl home into our lives for a reason

    specially when we need it the most πŸ™‚

    Ill keep my eyes open for whoever is gives me advice.

    Trust myself I need that lol

    Thanks so much Nick!

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