Can Someone Tell Me What These Dreams Are About?

  • Hi all. I have been having dreams about an ex of mine for a very long time now. The thing is, We were VERY young when we dated, like 18 and 16. It wasn't a very healthy relationship and a lot of things happened while we were together. Be that as it may, we have always been drawn to each other as the years have gone by; little 'hi's' and 'how are you's' every now and then on fb. I, not too long ago, deleted him from my friends list on fb (along with others) because I felt like I was going to be stuck in the past by remaining friends with my ex's. I haven't thought of any of those guys in any way, since..except for him. Even though we had an extremely rocky relationship in our teens and I never considered being with him again, every time I have a dream about him I feel more and more drawn to him. I feel like we're meant to be together or something overly romantic and unnecessary lol. It's very weird. If there's anyone who can shed light on what's going on, please do. Thanks in advance!!

    My BD: 9/5/85, His BD: 8/26/87

  • You really want to find companionship with someone, but you are afraid of meeting people you don't know. So you dream of old relationships with people you knew (or thought you knew) even though they didn't work out, because it is safer than taking a chance on anyone new.

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