Astra Angel, can you help guide me? (follow up)

  • Dear Astra, You gave me a beautiful reading a few weeks back. I kept my peace. Last Friday night (over a week ago) he surprised me by leaving a long message on my phone saying that I was the first person he called to give the good news that he had gotten a job, and one that he liked too. He sounded so different. He said that he had been thinking about me a lot and he wanted to tell me first, to please call him and if I didn't want to that he understood but that he really was hoping to hear from me. So later I sent a text telling him it made me very happy to know that and then I realized I should call him so I did. It was a really nice conversation but I kept it short. I had plans with friends and I told him I had to go. So he suggested we talked this past weekend so we did Sunday. He called me again yesterday. And I called him tonight but I kept it short again. So summarizing he sounds better, the communication is more relaxed on both sides it seems. He suggested helping me with something with my car a few days ago but I am not ready to see him to be honest, I am thinking about myself. I miss him, but for now this is ok, I believe it cannot be anymore for either one of us. But he did say on his own that he thought about me, that he wants to be present and happy, that I give him that but that he wants to achieve that state on his own. That he wants me in his life, that he will see a counselor or someone now that he got a job. That I have seen some of his quirks and things regarding his OCD, etc. but that this is why he has kept me like this because it is not pretty and he is terrified of me not accepting him. He is afraid of being vulnerable, etc. and that he wants to really conquer that., the good thing is that he said all those things but perhaps for the first time we did not start analyzing the conversation. We just moved on to other topics, other things, general, fun, specific, life, the elections, whatever...So tonight he said "let's talk in the next few days" and "I am glad you called". That to me signals "let me now come to you next time". It is this super delicate dance with him. Well, he has vanished again (silent) and I just struggle with my feelings of whether he is being honest in all these things he says.

    So, my question to you is, if you could do a reading? Is he moving on and forgetting about me? Is he really working on himself as he says? I just want to know if he is still hoping that I hang in there. I find that things have to be his way or else and he is very selfish that way. He claims it is because he is not healthy and he will see a therapist. I must know if this is bs. I am trying to put all this on the back burner and concentrate on my life in which I have a lot to resolve. I want to see if a reading would show more of what is? Is he lying in any way? can you sense if there is someone else?

    Thank you in advance Astra. I am just trying to determine if he contacts me again, whether or not to answer the phone...:-(

  • Sorry, by "yesterday" I meant Tuesday and by "tonight" I meant Wednesday, so it's been a few days now.

  • If you do not remember the other reading it said "for Astra Angel, if you have time" and I know you ca probably find it by hitting on my name. Thank you again for reading and grateful for your time if you can do this. You help so many people!

  • By the way I am in Georgia too and I am an artist as well 🙂

  • Oh you are in Georgia that is cool! Or really warm depending on what time of year haha. I grew up in Nahunta, southeast Georgia. I miss it there, I don't think you ever get the sand out of your shoes. I live in WA state for now, however that may be changing.

    So let's see about your questions...

    " Is he moving on and forgetting about me?

    3 of Wands. this is a card of path growth along a way that has been started, there is nothing here about "moving on" or forgetting. This is continuing to grow something that began with the Ace of Wands.

    Is he really working on himself as he says?

    The Moon. This is emotional and can be concealing things, as the moon is at night and things are obscure and murky with the moon. He could be dealing with some emotional growth issues. Not sure how much "work" he is applying to himself. this seems to show he is in the thick of some emotional challenges.

    "I just want to know if he is still hoping that I hang in there. I find that things have to be his way or else and he is very selfish that way. He claims it is because he is not healthy and he will see a therapist. I must know if this is bs. ?"

    7 of Cups. This is daydreams, fantasies and imagination of love, nothing here that is really substantive. I am starting to get the sense that this fellow is sorta adrift in some emotional la-la land that he is trying to come to terms with. So that could explain some of his behavior? I do think that he is "dreaming" of you, the question is, how much footwork is he really wanting to do to reach you. I think he has a spiritual relationship with you and is probably enjoying that and is not quite ready to turn that into a physical one.

    Is he lying in any way?

    Death. No, death is serious business! A lie we would have seen some sneaky card like the 7 swords or some 5 card or the Fool maybe. SO I don't think he is really lying about anything... maybe in fairyland... but not lying.

    can you sense if there is someone else?

    2 of Wands. Uh oh. I always get a pretty strong YES with the 2 of wands so yeah there must be someone else in the picture. To what extent I don't know.

    Hey I hope that helps... you are probably wise to kinda watch your step and focus on Spirit and Light and not let yourself get caught up in his drama. Just my 2 cents.

    Blessings Mardepp, best to you there in the Peach state.


  • Thank you so much Astra Angel. So I guess I should forget about him, he led me on for ten months ...he is not doing what he said he would do. He also always denied anyone else being there or wanting to date anyone else, even though he is not ready to date me at the moment. Is he hung up on someone from his past? Is he coming to terms with his ex? Is it someone new? I must know so I do not ever answer the phone again. We talked last Wednesday and he calls me "honey" and "let's take it one day at a time" even though we determined three weeks ago that we were leaving the relationship. He would have to step it up to be with me and he is obviously not ready. So, if there is someone else he downright lied and you said he didn't lie...What gives?

    I know you are busy, so if you can look into it further I appreciate it, if not I understand 🙂

    And thank you, thank you, thank you!

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