Hello tarot- nick can you me a reading pls thank you

  • Hello , Tarot. - nick I never been here for a awhile and I always had issues on my relationship I have been very much stubborn to still persistamt chasing my luck wish is kinda mentally draining. We both had strong personality and I was pushed and full till I end it up/ I was so confused it seems like he hated me. He actually mention it and I'm the only problem in his life and I'm the pnł person makes him upset. One of my closed friend said to me that we both the same mind games is what we doing I'm trying to move over him and I guess this around I can put myself and started again. I actually doin fine cos I never in touch with him its just happen I needed to call him about the parcel. I was shock the way he talking to me. I tried to calm him down end up wanted to visit me but I make an alibi that I wasn't home. I am mentally draning in awhile but just because I used to it I just past him by and leave him aloñe. I'm not on dating and its quite cool cos I saw his eagerness and giving important to let me know how plan and what his doing. I'm now into this new one but I am worried what do I have to do if the other one get back we had no closure and I'd tried my best to move forward though I'm being worries cos its quite to past to be involve to someone and i have one guy who is missing in action though it wasn't worry much. Id love to be around on this new one is he for real or its just a game.thank you for your consideration.

    More blessings,


  • Hi annielan,

    I'll pick up on your feelings to help you look at them from a different perspective.

    your feeling lucky and things have set up for new beginnings

    also feeling good about yourself

    you started something new that took courage

    those three were about you but your question... I get the feeling you want something bad and just jumped in

    the joy from the first three cards must have been from something recently

    somebody older just have given you wise information

    a guy pops up, he is not telling the truth, be careful

    older woman gives you wise counsel also

    with the guy you’re not going to be able to make a decision..be smart

    contentment is coming

    but also there will be stops and starts

    the two older people... I get the feeling of Mother/Father figures...heed what they say,

    The question becomes what do you want and what are you attracting? Step back and calm things down don't just go on emotions. Make plans and have a goal and then take steps to complete the goal. That will help you see the big picture and it will help make good decisions.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hello Tarot -nick first of all thank you to your reading. I will try my best to work things out everything. What you said here is true .. I am very positive lately full of enthusiasm almost everyday. It's been ages that I always wanted this kind of feeling its always make me feel complete and contented. The person that you had mention here to guide me I will make sure you listen carefully in any question or advice and I guess I now doing it. The only thing that bothers me is the guy that you mention and pop up now. I'm not quite sure if his the one you mention here.I'd like this guy and I meet him before. I guess almost a year now but I do catch of with him before very rare and I have feelings that he had an eye for me cos I always caught him looking at me and if we catch up sometimes he will make me feel to stay longer with me but instead of entertaining what he is trying to imply I will tell him next time. Until we both shy to each other but he still there and visited me. I was feeling over bored and I asked him to keep me company and stay the night his do nice to me and most of the time he is the one helping me to do some errand. We obviously like each other age his words and action to me is certain. I have never been to this scenario before. Most of the time the guy that I used to be with is not approachable instead we both had strong personality. Everyday attest we sending sms and no matter what he will get back to me if his at work and the answer was delayed he will apologized with he at least he responds and respected me.Were doing well every time we spend time no dramas at all. I'm confused I knew him almost a year . I'm confused and a bit afraid and cautious on what you had mention cos I just came out to manipulative and verbally guy. I'm done to all of his wrong doing action and words against me. We both out of control due to some reason .After all this year I'm certain not to go back to this guy its over.His the one of the blue sending me sms and trying to twisted story . I hope you will help me again so I know what is the best thing to do. I'm a bit nervous now I don't want him to come back again to an old drama .

    Thank u so much and bless you more

  • The guy that pops up, I not sure you have met yet, it was in the near future. You will meet someone because in the one placement I get you are with a guy

    "with the guy you’re not going to be able to make a decision..be smart"

    That line I said be smart to keep your eyes open; it was like an odd trust feeling... so just keep it in the back of your head so you are not blindsided. It's good to reflex on what your needs are, if you don't like something...just say no...you don't have to be mean...just the next time text back and say I rather not be bothered or I'm moving forward thank you for the time together, but I'm looking for something more...that type of thing and you won't get sucked back in. The other trick is to learn why you chose whom you did...and not follow in the same steps.


  • Thank you nick I see another positive perspective on your kindness words and again you point it out my negative side . I'm a believer and I have faith I'm only human to get upset and turn my world upside down but the truth is we're not in this world to hurt each other feelings and its not necessary to let go the past and carry the bitterness in our hurt . I get mad but I can easily subside and calm down. But we are all different and I know I need to be cautious choosing my words to make myself clear on what I wanted in life. I apply this to myself I know I need to changes pattern to get what I deserve and what I want in life. I hope the guy used to come around and spending time with me now is the one that I deserve I always speak to him clear and I always get clearance on his action and words so far the true intention is still positive. I don't wanna dwell on my past I'm a strong person and I will not scared to take the risk Thank you so much and God bless you

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