Hello tarot- nick can you me a reading pls thank you

  • Hello , Tarot. - nick I never been here for a awhile and I always had issues on my relationship I have been very much stubborn to still persistamt chasing my luck wish is kinda mentally draining. We both had strong personality and I was pushed and full till I end it up/ I was so confused it seems like he hated me. He actually mention it and I'm the only problem in his life and I'm the pnł person makes him upset. One of my closed friend said to me that we both the same mind games is what we doing I'm trying to move over him and I guess this around I can put myself and started again. I actually doin fine cos I never in touch with him its just happen I needed to call him about the parcel. I was shock the way he talking to me. I tried to calm him down end up wanted to visit me but I make an alibi that I wasn't home. I am mentally draning in awhile but just because I used to it I just past him by and leave him aloñe. I'm not on dating and its quite cool cos I saw his eagerness and giving important to let me know how plan and what his doing. I'm now into this new one but I am worried what do I have to do if the other one get back we had no closure and I'd tried my best to move forward though I'm being worries cos its quite to past to be involve to someone and i have one guy who is missing in action though it wasn't worry much. Id love to be around on this new one is he for real or its just a game.thank you for your consideration.

    More blessings,


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