Another lost soul

  • i am screaming for help i don't know what to do i am a single mom with 2 daughters. everytime i try to find someone it always turns bad and i am tired of it all i want to be is happy but i can't seem to find it, i losing my selfasteam, and gaining depression, i need some advice to pick me up again, and to move on. please someone out there help me.

  • OK think of patterns that keep repeating with each failed relationship, besides the fact that they failed. Did the person try to control, not enough attention, jealousy etc. Also, think about what you want, what you like to do etc. Most important, think about yourself and where your at and if you need to be in a better place. I think we all struggle with that. I have found that trying to work on me, my surroundings, my house and job keeps me occupied. Having a job where you could meet people might help. I don't know if I'm helping.

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