• Hi nick how are you? Hope all is well. I see that you are doing reading would you mean doing a reading for me if its not to much to ask. My date of birth is 11/30/89

    Thank you,


  • Hi Saqittariusgurl,

    I'll pick up on your feelings to let you see them from a different perspective.

    I get the feeling you’re not listening, you’re going to do it your way..

    you’re at a pause and you are suspending a decision

    there is a young guy not telling the truth

    your question is about another guy though... a strong personality, maybe a little rough around the edges but he has a good heart

    I get the feeling the thing you are not listening about recently happened...something you are carrying around (baggage on the shoulder) something for your needs

    new job or some money...not last long though

    older guy pops up... looking for a scam, trickster with money

    your worried about something blowing up, like an upheaval of something

    I get the feeling your clinging to an old friend... almost like it was safe but you’re not growing anymore

    another guy pops up...a dreamer, not a bad guy but he lets things slide, just lets things happen

    and after you get thru all that you’re going to take a breath, a break, and learn from what had happened so you can make things better for the future

    so you have a lot going on and a lot to think about. Try to step back and see what can be changed to make things easier or different choices... what goes into the choices you make and where do they end up?

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi nick

    Ha you are right I like things my way. Decision hmm well I want to be out of state and its been on my mind for a while would it be that? Young guy I think you are talking about my ex his just as you described this person. He has lied about a lot of things makes me not believe him most if the time. I need a job since I haven't worked in a while but when I get a job it don't last same way with the money as you said. Older guy hmm I'm going to have to keep my eyes open on that. Other guy I don't know who is that. Will I meet him? Will I have a relationship with him?

  • The last guy, the dreamer...isn't here yet, but I did pick up that he will be a friend... not sure how long it will last though, becasue the last card was that you will take a breath and learn from everything.

    question...what aren't you listening too? it may help to look at that one from all angles....i get the feeling the blinders are on so you can only see a narrow view.

    My personal feeling lose the liar... i hate lies... but that's just me...


  • Well I can't lose the liar his the father of my daughter I have to keep up with him even if I don't want too. I don't know what I don't listen too maybe is that I should get over the relationship I had with my ex maybe that's what it is not sure. I get that over and over. About the dreamer guy who know I barely go out or have any friends I wonder when I will meet him?

  • Nick would you mind doing a reading concerning a job? Please.

    Thank you

  • Hi SagittariusGurl,

    In the reading on the 11th,

    You will get a new job..but not long lasting

    "new job or some money...not last long though"

    When I do a reading usually it takes about a month to run thru the whole reading; I will gladly do another reading for you in Dec.


  • Oh ok sorry I read it but I didn't know if I was getting a job or you were saying that my jobs and money don't last long enough. Thank you Nick.

  • I wish I could say...money would last... but I haven't figured that one out 🙂

    Don't be sorry, my thoughts are cryptic at times

  • Hi tarot-nick,

    Would you be able to do a reading for me? I am going through a difficult phase in my life, I have let things fall apart. Lost friends, quit my acting course and job and my diet and fitness have been negelected as a result of feeling ow. Should I try to get things back to the way they were or take a completely different path? Your thoughts if u can.

    Thank you in advance virginia 🙂

  • Well about the money it might be that I was suppose to get some money on the 15 but haven't gotten it yet. He keeps giving excuses and it comes from the liar you mention earlier sad.

  • xVirginianx,

    Here is your reading,

    you are feeling blah and unprogressive

    your still having confusion... loss, but it's not as bad

    but you made it thru...took a bit but you’re ok

    someone is giving you advise, but you don't want to hear it, you want it your way

    seems like you just got hit with some debt...or bills

    To your question justice will be done if its balanced, I get the feeling balancing is the key

    you seem to be on the right road..keep plugging away

    that dullness and doubt is really bugging you...try and work on fixing that

    keep working with skill, you will gain with it

    you still have some stumbles to over come... it goes back to above and balance and justice..if you don't work hard on that one...it will bite you...

    a guy pops up at the end...seems nice, he has these ideas he wants...

    work on being progressive and balance with justice....

    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you that does help! Deep down i know i should carry on acting but sometimes its hard have made so many sacrifices for it i cant stop now really can i lol! Your right I am feeling a bit better, so will keep plugging. What do you mean by balance, is this with regards to money, pay off some bills, cos i got a lot but ignore most of them, is this what will bite me?

    I think I know the guy you mean, but i dunno what he wants, i think he thinks my life is his life....but its not lol

  • xVirginiax,

    The question is to something bugging you, think deep and you will know. It was a strong feeling and needs to be addressed and balance seem to be the key. You will figure it out.

    They guy I am not sure you have met him yet... the ideas he wants is more like dreaming ideas...

    The other thing that felt strong was not listening to someone who was giving you advise... keep an open mind... if you don't want to hear it at least consider things...when you weigh a problem its best to look at it from all angles.


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