Hello El I need your help again pretty pls thank you

  • Hello , El everything you had said was nearly 100% happened. I just stumble and fall and being confused I already got the ball and I lost it on my hand .I'm now trying to work things out but I see no sign of win the trust. I must admit that it was hard for me trust cos in always prepare to be upfront I've been warn out for all most years of full perseverance and keep on showings affection. I know I fit him s I always wonder why he said I already got him but it seems he wants to prove something to him I'm not a fortune teller and we got several fights cos his lying on my back we tried to get in touch but when we catch up end up of fighting and the last time was I walk out in him cos his torturing me to much and when I find a way he agree again after that night we supposed to catch up and he never turn up nor pick up my call and messages I was drowning and loosing my emotion and I send him what ever he wanted I'm happy to him and I'm sick of his attitude towards me.

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