• St. Germaine: I am St. Germaine.

    SB: Hello, St. Germaine. Welcome to our program.

    St. G: Welcome to you, welcome to each of you, my dear brothers, sisters, friends, allies. I am honored to follow our beloved Archangel Michael, and I am humbled to do so. Yes, I know very often I am thought of as arrogant and full of bravery, but actually I am very humble. So, where do you wish to begin?

    SB: Well, I would have said full of mischief, St. Germaine, myself! [laugh]

    St. G: Yes, that too!

    SB: Delightful mischief! Let me tell you what I’m hoping we can cover in this half hour. I’m hoping you can give us a bit of the history of NESARA, going back to the time when you started the World Trust with Paul the Venetian and Serapis Bey, and then maybe tell us a bit about how you guided the growth and maturation of the Prosperity Program since that time.

    And then I’ll have some questions for you on how NESARA will be implemented, and where the gold associated with NESARA has come from, what its spiritual qualities are, and its importance to Gaia.

    So that’s where I’d like us to go, if you’d be so kind. And then I anticipate that you’ll have many joyful detours along the way, shall we say.

    St. G: You know me. I always have detours.

    SB: Absolutely, and that’s just fine with me.

    St. G: But yes, I would be pleased to begin. Because what we do this day — and it is an important time, truly, in the unfoldment of the human experience — so I take you back even further to the time of the beginning, when we have witnessed the beginning of the growth, the anchoring of duality, and yes, polarity, in the human psyche and behaviors, and the growth of darkness and of the illusion of separation. For all of this has a very long and dark history, does it not?

    SB: Yes.

    St. G: And then of course you saw this in Atlantis, when the riches, yes, of Lemuria and Atlantis, were so remarkable. And I do not simply mean gold. I do not simply mean currency. But the richness of the society, of the culture, of the interaction with your star brothers and sisters, the cross-fertilization, the beauty — it was all there. And then again this desire for control, for arrogance, for power, once again destroyed what was clean and beautiful, what was healing.

    When I lived upon Earth, upon Gaia, this beautiful planet, in my rather lengthy incarnation as St. Germaine, what I witnessed was the strength of the solution of haves and have-nots, to put it in your very concrete, current terms. And I do not simply mean money. But money, currency, so often was the driving engine behind control, behind power, behind what I would call very negative mischief.

    And those who did not have money — and this is true to this day; not so much recently, in the last couple of years, as light-workers are breaking through, but it is still true to a great extent — the belief that if you do not have, even when you have worked through many, many issues and you know that you are loved and lovable, there is still this quality of fear, of separation, of feeling less-than, if you do not have the money, the currency to support yourself, to support what we would call very basic human needs.

    And this has been studied by economists, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, and certainly politicians. And it has been studied often in ways that simply make control and continued power almost inescapable. But notice, I say “almost.”

    So what I had felt, what we had felt, particularly my dear friend Serapis Bey, but also El Morya and Paul, what we had felt was that if there was an equalization, if this illusion, this dichotomy of have and have-not was eliminated, then the human spirit, the psyche, the ego, in balance would be free to flourish and for the human being and the collective to truly become what has always been the plan and envisioned for this planet, now.

    So we began putting away, not only etherically but actually, money, gold. Treasure was set aside, for you know also as an alchemist, it is very easy to create in this way. Now, we do not often speak of the alchemy and the work that I have done in that realm, and the ability to create the simple energies or codes, but let us just suggest that monies have been set aside.

    This is not a fairy tale. This is not a dream. This has been an undertaking, by myself with friends, of a concrete plan of how we might address and break through this most fundamental issue of lack of self-worth and self-love. Because also what I noted, and have noted for many, many thousands of years, is that when people have what they need, then they truly do believe that what they conceive of as God is on their side. And when that concern with the daily maintenance is addressed, then they give themselves the freedom to expand and explore.

    Now, that freedom has always been there. And it is certainly the freedom upon which I have based the United States of America. Now, there have been many attempts to dissolve this Trust, to steal it, to take it away. [laugh] There have been many attempts. But we have many protections throughout the universes, and there are certain things that simply aren’t allowed, regardless of will and free choice. And this type of theft is one of them, because it is a divinely consecrated Trust.

    As you know, there have been wars, and there has been a great deal of political intrigue. Let me give you something to think about. So often, when you have thought of the explorations of the New World, you have thought of the plunder of the indigenous tribes, indigenous peoples, and the plundering of their resources, their wealth, their gold, their jewels, and the bringing back of that treasure to Europe — for it is not just Portugal or Spain or France or England; it’s been many nations, and this is a long history.

    But I give you this idea: that there was also the transfer of a great deal of treasure to the New World, because I knew it would be safe there. I knew it would be buried. I knew it would be entrusted to certain Earth-keepers, and myself. And there were also troves placed in the caves of Tibet and specific other places that I will not mention as yet.

    But that is one of the reasons, not just political or religious, why there has always been so much interest, particularly of recent, of the Chinese in Tibet. There is a knowing of what is available there. But I digress.

    SB: St. Germaine, there’s even talk of gold being brought from other planets. And of course there’s the gold that’s sunk in battleships.

    St. G: Yes.

    SB: So there’s a lot of gold on this planet. Is that correct?

    St. G: There is more gold than you can imagine. And there is certainly more gold — think of it as currency — there is certainly more gold than has been assumed. There are caches of gold that have been placed there all over the grid. And sometimes the gold has been hidden in very plain sight.

    Now, why have I not talked about this a great deal? Well, I certainly spoke about it when we founded the United States of America and when we insisted that all people be free. But that has not fully come to pass. It is only now truly being anchored. And that spreads, yes, like the mushroom cloud, it spreads freedom and love everywhere.

    But I don’t want to digress. But I also wish to say much of my work upon the planet has also been about healing. And the reason is that the healing of this very core issue had need to take place, or at least to a point where the final push, which is underway right now, could take place. So this illusion of poverty, of have and have-not, can simply be eradicated.

    And you are correct, and there are also minerals that have been placed upon your planet by your star brothers and sisters that are far more valuable than gold. They just have not been discovered or detected yet. And that is to come. But that is not part of the Trust that I am speaking of. It is ancillary.

    SB: All right. And palladium and vanadium I think are two of those metals, are they not?

    St. G: Yes, as well as serenium.

    SB: Serenium? The last two are metals we haven’t discovered yet, I think.

    St. G: The last three are metals you haven’t discovered.

    SB: Okay. One question I’d like to ask you before we have to leave the air, because I know it’s on a lot of listeners’ minds, is when NESARA comes in, it’s been said that you’ll simply add zeroes to everyone’s bank accounts. But will not the landlords and the car salesmen and the bakers simply add zeroes to their rents or prices?

    St. G: No!

    SB: Why do you say that?

    St. G: And that is why the opening and the flooding of the love portal had need to truly take place. What you have need to realize is that the bankers, the car salesmen, the baker, the butcher are as soul-tired as you are. They may not know it. There may be a slight fluctuation, but also know that those zeroes are going to be backed up because it has need to be backed up in order to avoid what you think of as chaos, of the political theft and maneuvering that has taken place for centuries. And frankly, I am tired of it. So it will be backed up by what you think of as gold and metals, currencies.

    SB: All right.

    St. G: But it will not be just an inflation so that you are as poor as ever. The entire plan — it doesn’t matter what you call it – NESARA has become very politicized, has it not?

    SB: Yes.

    St. G: Of course, then those in power, who wish to maintain the control scenario become very paranoid about NESARA. So if you think about it as my equalization plan or my birthday gifts to all of you, as you are reborn, let it be that you are given the wherewithal to follow this passion in this straight line, this drive that you are feeling of what you must and what you choose and what you wish to do and to co-create with us.

    But I will not repeat or help to repeat any errors that have occurred during the time of Atlantis. It cannot come from a place of greed. It cannot come from a place of neediness or desperation. It simply comes from the recognition that of course you deserve this; of course you are worthy.

    The person that is living in the ghetto of Chicago and struggling to feed her child and to keep that child safe, with gunshots all around her, needs to know, from our perspective, that she is as worthy as any being on the planet. And that when that support, whether it is a bowl of gold on her table, a bowl of money, a check under the door — because we know not everyone has bank accounts — or a bowl of fresh fruit, when this begins it will be literally like manna from heaven, and it will be appreciated because it is coming from a place of love.

    When a child gives you a flower that they have picked either from a field or your garden, it is a gift of pure love. That is the way it will be received. So you do not slap the child’s hand. You do not say, “But I own that garden.” It touches you in such a deep place within you that you cannot help but smile and say thank you. And there is no desire of the person watching that interaction to rip the flower out of your hand.

    And that is what has happened in the past. The flower has been ripped from your hands time and time again. And then you turn and you say, “Oh. So it is true God does not love me. He does not care. He does not think of me.” And that is the illusion.

    And that is what Paul and Serapis and I have endeavored to change. And we will change it. And the time is now.

    SB: Well, Lord, picking up on your mention the time is now, we probably don’t want to hear dates [because no dates have come true as yet], but at the same time our listeners I’m sure are all asking themselves, when might NESARA appear? Without giving us a date, can you give us a hint on when we can expect NESARA?

    St. G: Look out your window and say, “I allow, I am worthy, and I receive.” Look out and call me and simply say, “I’m ready.

    Let the delivery come.” It can be that fast.

    SB: All right, Lord.

    St. G: And if you are not home, we will leave a note on the door.

    SB: [laugh] Your package is waiting at Federal Express.

    St. G: Yes, it is definitely express!

    SB: All right, St. Germaine. Now, the last question I have is gold is said to have special spiritual properties, said to be important to Gaia. Can you discuss those properties in the few remaining minutes that we have and what must be done with the gold for the sake of Gaia, please?

    St. G: The gold has need first and foremost to be used to cleanse Gaia. The reason that gold has such special properties, particularly to Gaia, particularly to this planet — and I do not mean to denigrate the other minerals or metals that will be found — but it is purity, it is grace, it is joy and it is wholeness.

    [music starts]

    SB: Thank you, St. Germain.

    St. G: I love you all. And I gift you all. Farewell.

    SB: Thank you, Lord. Farewell.


  • Personally I feel that in this New Age of Ascension, we have to move away from the current money and gold bartering systems to one where we all work and share the fruits of our labours without any sort of monetary renumeration. Money and gold are just 'things'. If we work for the love of sharing with and caring for each other, why would we need to barter any material thing? Why should we continue to mine/destroy the planet for minerals and so-called precious stones which we don't really need?

  • They say the current economy is going to collapse, the old must end in order for the new to begin! Stay tuned Captain! 🙂 LOL!

  • "And those who did not have money — and this is true to this day; not so much recently, in the last couple of years, as light-workers are breaking through, but it is still true to a great extent — the belief that if you do not have, even when you have worked through many, many issues and you know that you are loved and lovable, there is still this quality of fear, of separation, of feeling less-than, if you do not have the money, the currency to support yourself, to support what we would call very basic human needs."

  • Aint that the truth, worthy-ness is huge for a lot of people, the Churches tell you to say you are not worthy, not so! We all are worthy! Don't believe the hype! I'm waiting on my Blessings and am thankful for what I already have, somebody always has it worse!

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