Tarot-nick, may I have a reading?

  • Hi Nick,

    How are u? Can I have a reading from u please? My relationship is on a rocky path. Not as stable as I wanted. Me and my bf we r both strong headed.. Sometimes we get into a fight easily.. Anyway, just wanted to provide u w some background... Anything u pick up would be appreciated. Curious to know how he feels about me and our future at this stage. Hope to hear from u soon. Thanks.

  • Hi Aprilca,

    I'll pick up on what you are feeling to help you see them from a different perspective. Let’s see what comes up,

    your feeling a pause in what you are going thru... little sad too

    I get the feeling you just started something new...that brings you joy

    there was information recently that someone told you something, i am not sure you believe it, but pacified it by not thinking much about it...

    things aren’t working out for your question...your feeling stagnant

    you just shed some tears..Felt like things blew up

    but it was an awakening

    you are going to run into a women who is gossipy and not nice

    there is another women who is domineering... has to be her way or the highway...you have been worrying about her or how she affects you

    there’s also a male friend who is domineering...not a great feeling about him

    I do see the beginning of a new relationship...a good feeling

    and something about being bold and having courage on a new enterprise

    reading between the lines looks like you already know how your feeling. You have three real strong personalities to deal with...tread carefully, it takes a lot of energy to deal with them. So you have more things going on than just the relationship...feels like the new thing you started is a good thing.

    Remember God gave us free will, it's up to you and your choices that you make, choose them wisely.

    hope that helps,

  • Hi Nick

    Thanks for the reading. I can relate it very well. May I ask u a couple more questions pls? In fact, I'm very domineering myself and has caused a lot of fights between me and my bf... I'm worrying about a woman - his mother. She likes to be gossipy. Apparently she's never happy with any of her son's gfs.. There is a chance that I wil get to meet her soon. Of course I'm nervous and concerned. Do u feel the domineering woman u mentioned represented his mother? And the beggining of a new relationship..,could it between me and my bf? We are in a stagnant stage for sure.. Hope to hear frm again. Thanks

  • Hi Aprilca,

    Yes one of the women I would say is his mother, but there is also a second one to deal with. I can't say to chose one way or the other because it has to come from you. Step back and look at it not from emotions but what your heart needs. What do you need out of the relationship and is it being provided? or is it just safe and comfortable because it's what you know?

    curious what was the new thing you started? it sounded promissing.


  • Hi Nick,

    Thx for the response again. To answer ur question, well, my bf had said many times that I'm bossy n controlling. I didn't listen to him until the last fight between us. I then asked a few close friends of mine and they all said I tend to be bossy sometime. Too bad I didn't know when I was being bossy. It's a shame. Basically I got some constructive advice from my dear friends and I started to look at my prob, and work on it.. So I think that's the "something new" u mentioned, and yes, it's awakening after the fight n the sadness...

    Besides his mother, I feel like the other domineering woman u mentioned could respresent me or my mother.. Otherwise I can't come up with a third woman who is domineering 🙂 and I think my bf only cared about how his mom thinks of me rather that the opinion of the whole family.

    Nick, as I said asked before, do u feel if this new relationship could be between me and my bf? Thx

  • I don't mean to by coy; I gladly do readings to help people, but I won't tell people what to do. Yes I will pick up on your feelings, and I know what I would do. The fact is we are different and my reactions would be different than others. I give hints and observations, but what would you learn if you don't figure out what you need. It’s important to take ownership to your feelings, it is what makes you stronger. The cards that came up are important, try and step back and read them without emotion and try and see how they fit to you.

    I can say in the placement of the card of both the other strong woman and the relationship one is in the future... I have been consistent between 1-3 months.... remember the readings are a snap shot of what can happen...free will allows for change.

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