Anyone willing to provide a Birthday Reading Please?

  • Hello!!

    The below was a post that I placed on yesterday, my actual birthday, but it did not receive any response so I'm requesting again under a different 'topic title' 🙂 Pretty please?


    Today is my birthday (Nov 8th) and I was wondering if I could receive Reading in the area of Love and Career, overall Short-term Future, pretty please? 🙂

    Thanks much, Light & Love surround you!


  • transformed,

    Here is a reading,

    I pick up on feelings to help you look at what you are going thru from a different perspective.

    your feeling sad and some tears fell

    your having doubt and it’s hard to make a decision

    things are so tight..forcing indecision and you can’t move

    you know though you need patience...and time will heal the wound

    this has happened recently or its still affecting you

    It's important to remember you are a good person and to believe in yourself

    there is going to be a separation...sorrow

    your thinking a lot about the attraction..temptation

    with a friend there is something going on hidden

    you may find out about it thru someone going thru a similar thing

    but don’t fret, you will find contentment and happiness

    not a fun time to go thru, but I strongly felt you will be in yourself. Your emotions are strong so try and find something that makes you happy and don't let fear rule your indecision. Take a step at a time and you will get thru it, and you will be content...just takes time

    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you so much Tarot-Nick!

    I appreciate the reading; would give anything to be going through less challenging circumstances; I really thought this one was the "real deal". The deception/illusion is the hardest part 😞 Part of me wants to let go and part of me don't (bittersweet).

    Thanks again! Light and Love toward you,


  • Hi Transformed,

    ahh by what you just said makes sence.. the bitter sweet must be the attraction part. Remember you are the whole picture not just pieces. Learn from what you are going thru...that will bring peace.


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