What matters most to Cancer men?

  • Hello you guys - First of all I just wanted to say thanks for looking at my question. I hope it doesn't seem ridiculous but I really am interested in this man so please bare with me...

    I have a date lined up with a wonderful guy in a few weeks who I have literally been interested in and admired from afar for years (we are currently not in the same town but I am moving home to where we are both from soon) and am self conscious about recent weight gain due to medications.

    Are cancer men more into personalities or looks at first? Should I postpone this date until I can lose the weight I gained? (I'm not overweight, just not as thin as I would like to be). I've been overlooked and "friend zoned" before and it's not going to happen again!

    Here are our signs.. they look very very compatible to me. Maybe it will help you think about what kind of guy he is?

    Thanks for your advice you guys.. I appreciate it.. and I hope I don't sound too crazy. I also wouldn't mind hearing what you guys think about or sign match ups! I just love cancer men! Maybe because my venus is in Cancer? haha!

    Sun: Him:Cancer Me: Leo

    Moon: Him:Capricorn Me: Capricorn

    Mercury:Him Leo Me: Virgo

    Venus Him:Virgo Me: Cancer

    Mars Him: Capricorn Me: Taurus

    Jupiter Him: Pisces Me: Cancer

    Saturn Him:Sag Me: Capricorn

    Uranus Him:Sag Me: Capricorn

    Neptune Him:Capricorn Me: Capricorn

    Pluto Him: Scorpio Me: Scorpio

    Lilith Him: Gemini Me: Sag

    Asc node Him:Aries Me: Aquarius

  • Hi, Home and family seem to be their base. I think he'll probably base his responses towards you according to his family situation. Do you know his family. Pretty good indicator where his head is at. I was married to a Cancer (low functioning) and not a good experience. I seem to get along with them otherwise pretty well. I'm talking about the male. They are highly passionate towards the right person.

  • Thank you Daliolite! I have dated a wonderful Cancer man before and you are right, its all about family with them. I am STILL close to my ex's mother! I do not know this cancers family very well (yet).. trying to decide if I should go ahead and pursue or wait til i lose more weight. I know some signs go off looks alone pretty much at first.

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