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  • MY QUESTION after you read the story: Do you agree/concur with what I told Charlene ?

    Charlene (who is very thin) went to a coffee shop for lunch and a girl who is there was eating lunch with her brother. The girl saw Charlene eating a bagel and cream cheese and said; You shouldn’t eat that;. The brother explained that his sister just came from a nutrition lecture.

    Later on Charlene asked a coworker: “Do I look fat”

    Coworker: “You - you are so skinny”

    About an hour later when Charlene was at the Xerox machine Josie came over. Keep in mind the Xerox machine blocked Josie’s view of Charlene

    Charlene said: “Josie do you think I am thin?“

    Josie hesitantly said: “Well” and then decided not to wait to make copies.

    About two hours later Charlene got up from her chair to do something Josie ran over to Charlene.

    Josie said: “Charlene; I only saw you sitting down, my god you are thin.;

    That night Charlene called me. After she told me the story she asked me if she can accept the fact that Josie thinks Charlene is thin?”

    I told Charlene: “Yes you can accept the fact she thinks you are thin and the only reason she first said well was because she never saw you standing, Josie only saw you sitting”


    This happened in 1987 when my friend Jane was at work. Jane was talking to Nancy and Bob (one of her seven bosses).

    Bob: “Nancy you are skinny”

    Jane: “What about me”

    Bob: “Jane you are fat, Nancy is skinny”

    (Bob knows Jane is very obsessed with weight)

    Later on Jane thinks Bob said to her that he was only kidding. And she DOES Know for a fact that her bosses always said “Jane you eat to live, we live to eat”

    Any way in 1987 Jane was taking massive doses of vitamins and minerals and she thinks she blew up like a balloon.

    Even though Jane has an excellent memory in this case Jane cannot remember if the incident with Bob is real or she imagined it. So Jane called me and asked me what I thought and I told her the following: No one would flat out tell someone they are fat unless it was a joke. They might say something like you know you are a little bit overweight or something a bit more polite. Jane the incident could be real because you did say Bob told you he was clowning around. Also guys like to annoy girls and play on their sensitivities



    STORY ONE MY QUESTION: after you read the story: DO you agree with Susan that all Kerry is saying is that Patti is thin with shape

    Kerri: Patti aren’t you a size 5/6?

    Patti didn’t say a word

    Kerri: Last week the temp that worked for me looked at you and said that girl has to be a size 5/6.”

    Patti just listened

    Kerri: Patti you have hips, but they are not big at all.

    Patti still listened.

    Kerri: Patti my hips are big, but Patti yours aren’t

    Susan witnessed the entire conversation.

    As all three walked to the car Kerri reassured Patti she is a 5/6.

    Then Patti turned to Susan and said “Susan does Kerri think I have big hips.”

    Susan: “No Kerri does not think you have big hips, she even told you that. She just means you are thin but you have shape to you


    STORY TWO: QUESTION I AM ASKING AFTER YOU READ THE STORY IS WHY would SANDY (a chunky girl ) tell MARY (a thin girl who is always told by strangers, relatives, friends she is thin/skinny, looks like a size 4) that Sandy thinks Mary is average and size 8, then pauses and adds in size 10.

    Mary and Sandy were in the hallway talking.

    Mary: “Sandy I parked right across the street today”

    Sandy: Don’t you think you should exercise instead of parking so close”

    Then they parted company, but Mary was upset so she went to seek out Sandy

    Mary: “Sandy why did you say I should exercise”

    Sandy: “Because of the heart”

    Mary: “Sandy do you think I am thin”

    Sandy: “You are average, size 8” paused and added “size 10“

    Mary left and went back to her desk. Four co-workers saw Mary and asked Mary what was wrong Mary told them what Sandy said.

    Her co-workers said to her: “Mary you are thin/skinny and cannot be more than a size 4, and not more than 110 pounds”

    Mary: “So why did Sandy say average and size 10 if everyone sees me as skinny/thin size 4”

    They replied: “Have you ever heard of jealousy”

    Keep in mind people out of the blue will tell Mary she is so lucky she is skinny and cannot be more than a size 4.

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