Astra! Reading if you have time!

  • Hi Astra,

    I was wondering if you could do a reading of a chance of a reconciliation between me and my ex?


  • Hi newme888

    Sure thing let's see about that...

    I drew the 2 of pentacles, the 2 of cups and the Page of Swords, so that all looks very encouraging to me! Especially the 2 of cups right in the middle very nice. Seems a move of some sort, and a message soon. I see the page swords right next to his card so I would be expecting news from him and it is good. (2 cups). I wish for nice things to happen here for you and him!


  • Astra-I was thinking about contacting him. The issue is he has problems commiting to a relationship.

    Do you see a commitment being formed? I think maybe the cards are picking up me rather than him.

  • me in terms of the contacting. Thanks again.

  • "Do you see a commitment being formed?"

    I drew the Queen of Swords and that didn't really say anything about a 'commitment' to me, I figure that represents you, your thoughts very calm and in control.

    Then I drew the 6 of Pentacles and I thought, that sounds like some sharing, back and forth, talking it out. Communicating.

    (I was thinking to myself had I drawn the King swords that would sound like a commitment. A couple.)

    And the next card was ...the King of Swords! Isn't that amazing? So, yes I do see something developing, perhaps a time period of sharing opening up first, maybe that is when he melts and things start to happen.

  • Thanks astra! that is amazing!

    I also had another question to ask you! I am working on a temporary basis at an awesome place. Will this turn into a fulltime position?

  • Hey newme

    I drew a few cards and did not come up with anything that really said yes (5 cups, knight wands, 10 swords). However this can always change. 🙂



  • Astra, I have another job that has to get back to me. This one is in another city. Do you see this one going through? I figure out around Jan/Feb.

  • NVM. Astra. I would rather not know. Thank you for your help.

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