Blmoon what do you see?

  • blmoon,

    I like the things you have said to some of the others. I am hoping you will just give me a bit of your insight into my situation. I'll make it brief. Met a guy, fell pretty hard. He was slow to let me in at first and then warmed up and opened up. Just when things were looking really good and he was letting his feelings show, he broke it off. Said he just couldn’t see it moving forward. He never really let go though, emailed here and there and then started things up again after a couple of months. Same pattern, slow then opened up, expressed his love and then just yesterday broke it off again. Once again said that even though he really loves me he just can’t see it going any further.

    So I can certainly take his word for it and move on, which is probably the wisest course, but I just feel like there is more to it than that. We are great together, even he sags so, and yet he feels the need to leave. Do you have any idea what is going on inside his head and what’s next. Should I hang on or move on? If I move on, any idea what’s next for me?

    Thanks for your help


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