Astra - A Follow-up

  • Hi Astra,

    I just wanted to let you know you were very right in the last reading about P and I. He seemed to see that I needed some space to work things out about making changes in my life, and he let me have some space.

    We had a talk on the weekend that wound up with him sharing that he thinks I'm attractive in a lot of ways, but that he didn't want to make a move before because he doesn't want to hurt our group of friends if things don't work out between us. Between that and my feelings for him, and that some of my other friends tried to encourage him to realize he had actual feelings for me, I am not really sure where we stand/where things might go! I really, really want to be in a relationship with him, but he has a girlfriend (with whom he seems to be arguing with all the time and their relationship seems close to an end) and I can understand why he might hesitate. Even so, I think I noticed something different in his eyes the next day - he seemed to be watching me a lot more than usual and I think there's something there that wasn't there before....

    All this to confirm your last reading and ask if you could please, please share more insight? Can you read what will happen between us in the future?

    Thanks for all of your help Astra, it is much, much appreciated.

    Love and light,


  • Hi yipyip

    Okay on all that... yes, let's see what may be developing!

    Oh wow you have something nice coming I do believe. See what you think.

    12 cards...

    10 of Pentacles - so this is where things are at, he is dealing with a lot of physical setting, issues, a physical overwhelming situation, maybe the current relationship is mostly exterior (physical) and he is hungry for something deeper?

    The Emperor is "window" and so this feels like him searching the horizon for someone. Maybe what you picked up on.

    8 of Swords and the Knight and Page of Swords. So now we hit a sword string and it is all motion after a time of deep reflection and thoughts about you. Then a flurry of activity, messages, talking it out (and be sure you DO talk everything out okay? Leave no stone unturned with him, if it is in your heart let it out. He is a sword kinda guy so he loves to share, talk, communicate. Build your relationship on honest true words and caring thoughts, the basis of a great marriage or something very committed.)

    Then a move - 2 of pentacles - you move in with him or he moves in with you or there is some physical travel/movement here between you two.

    Then - bingo - The LOVERS.

    Then - bingo bingo - The THREE OF CUPS

    Then - The Moon and the Sun bingo bingo bingo... dark night of love and the Sun shines in the day over the two of you. When you finally open the curtains later in the day you will see the Sun haha.

    Then the Six of Swords (*yum) and the 4 of Swords. That card shows a figure laying down. I won't say this is a steamy bedroom scene or anything like that. However with the six it does show something romantic, clearly spoken and clearly expressed physically.

    Hey, I think you are on a path with him... I hope I am not just getting all romantic cause I just like getting all romantic. That LOVERS and then the 3 of cups that really says fantastic things.

    Now don't drive over to his place tonight and throw yourself at him... you have to be patient now... he has to work his way through this present situation. So be patient. Send him lots of love thoughts, he'll pick up on it. I don't think you are imagining things with the way he looks at you lately.

    Here is a lucky number for you too! Hey let's try any and everything to get this to work! what I do is add up all the suits symbols and reduce them to a number. Maybe numbers have magical properties? Why not! I say they can work magic and miracles.

    So... 16 wands = 1+6 = 7 wands (dreamy path number)

    7 cups total = dreamy love number

    24 swords = 2 +4 = 6 swords look out (moving to calmer waters or moving to the romance)

    18 pentacles = 1+8 = 9 pentacles = very developed physical manifesting love and setting is nice nice.

    So the number is 7769 . Maybe its a lucky love number! I like the sound of it.

    Okay yipyip, I hope I didn't blow your mind on all this haha... see what you think.

    love and light


  • Hi Astra!

    Yeaaaah, I think my mind definitely did get a little bit blown by that reading! And I maaaay have let out more than one girlish squeal, too. I think the separation/movement you're talking about could involve that he's back at his home right now and has to drive a fair amount to get back to town - it might be that he spends some of that time at home in reflection before making it back here. He totally makes sense as a sword kind of guy - he's a natural leader and someone who loves to talk and share his thoughts and feelings (sometimes a little TOO much about his thoughts and feelings, ahaha).

    I'm going to try my best to be patient! It seems from this reading that he'll be the one to approach this, right? So I'll wait until he has sorted things out on his own, and then as soon as he opens up the topic I'll talk his ear off until he's into the idea of dating me!

    Thanks again so much for the reading Astra! It sheds a lot of light onto what I can look forward to, and I'm really excited to start down this path!

    Love and light,


  • Hey yipyip

    you are funny... yes talk his ear off he should like that. 🙂

    Ya I think he will be the one to reach out, strong swords again and a KNight of Swords so he will be initiating things (according to the cards)

    And the Fool, he could be really ready to step into something fun with you.

    Let out some of those girlish squeals during the meeting and that can help close the deal haha...

    Wishing you well and nice things in this relationship!

  • Oh man Astra, have I ever got updates for you!

    First off, I recalled yesterday morning that before I asked for your reading I drew 3 cards for myself (though I am still incredibly new to tarot - usually I default to my playing card readings but I want to branch out!). This was the evening I got back from getting all that crazy news about how P was interested in me before. I asked what his feelings were about me and drew the King of Swords, Lovers and 3 of cups!! It's scary how the same cards came up in your reading, and it totally confirms it to me as well!

    Second, last night P informed me at the last minute that he was coming back to town to hang out with some friends and I. On the way out the door, I asked the tarot what the night would hold for P and I. I pulled the 3 of Wands, Death and 10 of Cups. I was a little weirded out, as this was a pretty crazy sounding reading from what little I could figure out from the pull. It seemed to mean that some kind of ending would cause a new beginning in that situation I was hoping for - the relationship between P and I.

    We got back to his place as I was planning to spend the night there, where we found out that P's girlfriend was caught kissing another man. It was a really heavy blow for him (and for me, since I was the first friend of his to find out), and it basically wound up with me trying to support him and tell him that it wasn't his fault. He is still trying to reflect and figure out what he wants to happen with the relationship between him and his girlfriend right now. It is very possible that it will be over and done with. It made me think instantly of the opening of your reading - it seems to be an overwhelming, physical problem with the relationship like you mentioned.

    Pretty huge news, all in all!

  • Wow that is very interesting!

    You know what I was getting as you were relaying all this yipyip... is that you have a wonderful gift here as you can read the cards really beautifully. You are picking up on some great insight and the fact some of the same cards are showing for you that I drew seems to be saying that you are really tuning into your own guides so nicely... I think you have a wonderful career ahead of you in this in some way. Providing readings for others. Just a thought for you - maybe you are already doing that I just felt it jumped out at me and I wanted to share that with you.

    I drew the Hierophant just now for you, and that is a very affirming card and can show some real potential in a committed relationship, I always get a strong YES from this card to about any question. So that seems to be saying nice things for you coming.

    Keep it going... you have a way with the cards... so you work with playing cards that is very cool, I should do that more. I am getting really strong positive vibes about you and your gifts here yipyip.

    Hey, if you don't mind, would you like to draw a card for me?... just anything you get that would be wonderful if you have a chance. Thanks!

    And I am excited with you about your developments I am wishing for wonderful things for you.

  • Awww, thank you so much Astra! I've only ever really done readings for myself and for friends who have asked, or in reading exchanges online to hone my talents and get some kind of cosmic advice. I'll take this into consideration though! I don't think I'd ever do it as a full-time job or anything, I'm too passionate about my studied field right now, but perhaps as a side thing it would be fun to help people with my cards and intuition!

    I actually started learning with playing cards thanks to the internet about 5 or 6 years ago. I've only really ever done it for myself or friends, but it is far more convenient than tarot for me - I can do a reading in public for myself and people will just think I'm playing solitaire, ahaha! The Hierophant is definitely encouraging for me!

    I figured I'd try pulling a tarot card for you, since you might be able to catch a few nuances that I won't, and it'd be good practice! I took the top card from the deck in asking for something you should be aware of around you. I found the 9 of Swords. From my understanding, it can mean that you might feel vulnerable, worried, guilty or you might despair. Take heart though - this is a caution and warns that any of those feelings are generated within you, not without - if you focus on whatever the cause of the troubles may be, you can ensure that whatever choices you make to correct it are the right ones! Just be aware of what might be causing you trouble and don't be afraid to make choices that feel right. 🙂

    If you'd like, I don't mind using a playing card/cartomancy single card draw to try and get a little more detail! I find the system I use is better for physical, tangible events or items, whereas the tarot seems to be more general and emotional - though I think it's just that I'm not used to reading it yet, ahaha.

    Thank you so much for all the readings!! I really appreciate everything you've done, and it gives me great hope for the future!

  • Hi again Astra!

    Is it possible that the 10 of Pentacles might also correspond to a huge financial success? I've just picked up what pretty much amounts to a dream job, and P had an interview at what essentially would be his dream job that apparently went really well. I prayed pretty diligently to St. Brigid and the angels that it would be a success, and from what he said it sounded rather positive!

    I also think the Emperor is a really major card here... I've done a few three card draws to try and figure out some tips for where I am in life, what is going on with P and his girlfriend since that incident on the weekend, and the Emperor has been coming up *often". It could even possibly be a card that represents him? He is a natural leader, and in our relationship, given that I'd date him in a heartbeat it could represent the fact that he's the one who realistically is going to choose whether or not a romantic relationship springs from it.

    Also out of curiosity, do you use inverse meanings in your readings or no? It's virtually impossible to do so in a playing card reading, given that both sides are usually identical, but it is a question I keep asking myself whenever an inverse card shows up in the tarot.

    Thanks again for all your guidance! 😄

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