Requesting Blmoon

  • hi blmoon

    can you please help me figuring out what is going on in my life ? i am thoroughly confused. i am out of work but have been told not to take this next job offer which is coming my way soon.what do you think i should be doing ? if i don't take this offer will something work wise come my way in coming future ?as this is the only opportunity i have in sight . i have a feeling if i don't take it (not that i am very inclined to take it ) then i would be waiting for long before i get hold of something .

    then i am being asked to enhance a gift that i have and use it in assistting people. although i have this desire to do something for humanity i am not able to understand what is it that i need to work on and enhance ? i also keep feeling that i need to meet someone who will assist me in some way. i have been feeling/sensing it for more than 2 years now. what is going on inside me ? what is coming my way ? who is this person i seem to crave for even though i haven't ever met him ?

    please help me . i don't know what to do with my life .

    thank you for your kindness .

  • hi blmoon

    please help me if you have some spare time . i have no clue what is coming my way .


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