AstraAngel - would u mind giving a reading?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I've enjoyed reading your posts and you seem very caring and thoughtful 🙂 I was wondering if you would mind giving me a relationship reading?

    I'm not currently in a relationship but I do have a friend that I care very much for but our timing just never seems to be right. He's been having a lot of personal and financial issues the past couple years and says he's not ready to be in a relationship at this time. We used to be very close, but there's been a lot of bickering lately and we have drifted apart. I really do love this man and feel we could be very happy together and we always seem to find our way back to each other. Would you be able to tell me how he feels about me? Does he just want me only as a friend, or does he feel I'm somebody he could possibly be with?

    I appreciate any insight you can provide 🙂 Thank you!

  • Hi ScorpioF69

    Sure thing, let's see what we can see...

    So you asked "Would you be able to tell me how he feels about me?"

    First card turned up is the King of Swords, and that says his personality is this way, Probably a smart guy, his mode is to think his way through life, he could be sorta analytical in relationship, aways wanting to have everything sorted out in his head. So it could a challenge in his life to step into a relationship that is deep and trusting as he would have to put his mind on hold a little and let Spirit call the shots. A King of Swords guy may try to convince spirit that he knows what is really going on haha... no worries, they always fall eventually, one way... or the other.

    Six of Swords / Knight of Cups. This seems to say his feelings for you are pretty erotic I am guessing. six of swords to me might as well be called the s e x of swords. Like he could be having fantasies about you, you know? That sounds wild doesn't it. He may have a very secret crush on you. This card in its more "logical" place is a card of moving to calmer waters intellectually. This knight cups shows a love history with you, either outward or in his fantasies, there has been some chasing to some degree, early on.

    The Hanged Man / High Priestess. So he likes you a lot, however at this time he can't do much about it. Something has him stuck or waiting. This is locked I can't tell you what its about the High Priestess is secretive.

    Temperance / Page of Swords. There has been some messages or you two communicate well? Seems that he likes to share some things with you, he likes your viewpoint.

    Queen of Swords / Strength. I think this is sort his "ideal" of you, a very together lady, not only attractive to him physically and spiritually, he really has a thing for your mind!

    then the 8 of Cups / Fool - Well he is wanting to make a move with someone! This is like the horse in the starting gate at the Belmont. Raring to go, he is willing at this point to take a chance on love.

    Then the King of Wands / 6 of Wands - so this is ending on a strong path energy, like he is really, really waning to change himself with you (or someone!) and he sees this as an important step, a makeover, he becomes the King of Wands here, having started in intellect, he changes into more of a magic man.

    So this guy is going through a transformation. The Hanged man and Temperance those are string cards of Spirit, so the Universe could have him in a place where he is restrained from actin in his physical (pentacles) instincts. (that is the strength card, instincts). This is all heading for a big move on his part to embrace a higher love concept and step into a new role.

    Does he just want me only as a friend, or does he feel I'm somebody he could possibly be with?

    King of Cups. This is more than friends. He does have love in his sights for sure, and he is going through transformation as we see again is King Sword nature changing into a king of cups.

    I added all of the suit symbols up and distilled this down to a number sequence.

    1339. 1 wand (new identity/role), 3 cups (love growth and plans), 3 swords (I think this is reflecting his king sword personality very strong right now, sorta in charge in his thoughts?), and 9 pentacles (solid physical something trying to come to pass for him, he has visions of a wonderful relationship with all of the trimmings).

    I tell you what Scorpio, I do believe this guy has a real thing for you! He is definitely headed for a love rendevous with someone! As long as you are first in line when they start calling the number you should be at the head of his list.

    Tip: Smarty glasses. Dark hair. Darker clothes. Mystery this guy LOVES mystery, and secretive things. Messages, send him some messages somehow. Hints. Channel #5. Oh and your eyeliner... Jordana lavish brown.

    Hey just having some fun with you there with all that! I do see he likes mystery and some intrigue. I hope helps? I can't guarantee anything, you weigh it out in your heart. How do you feel about him? You really have a thing for him I believe, so you cherish that and love him right where you are and magic can happen.



  • Thank you Astra for the reading - you did describe him and his situation perfectly. When we first met, almost 2 years ago, it started off with a few dates and him pursuing me. Then when I think he realized I might be somebody he could be serious with, he pulled away and said he wasn't ready for a relationship and wanted to keep me as a friend. So, we became really good friends for awhile with him confiding in me and turning to me for advice.

    He does seem like a person who really thinks things through before getting in a relationship and said when he's in a relationship, he's "all in" and it's a different way of life for him, so I don't think it's something he enters into lightly. He is really struggling right now - drifting through crappy jobs, living with family... trying to get back on his feet... so he says this is the reason he isn't ready for a relationship, which I can understand.

    However, I know that he does try to pick up women! I don't know if he's had any luck in that area 🙂 and he says it's just for one thing,, but it still bothers me. It's caused a lot of arguments between us and we've grown really distant. It makes me feel like he's just keeping his options open and seeing if something better comes along.

    I really do care for him and know he does care for me, but I don't know if his feelings for me are as only a friend. I see in your reading you said his feelings are more than friendship and that he's just stuck by his circumstances right now. I do feel this could be the case, but sometimes I have my doubts.

    It's funny how you said he likes mystery, dark hair, dark clothes, etc.... because that is exactly the type of woman I know he's physically attracted to... which is the opposite of me! At least physically...

    You said in your reading a few times that he is ready to make a move with "someone". I'm sorry for not understanding, but do you mean that he's ready for a relationship with anyone who might come along? And doesn't really care if it's me or someone else? He keeps telling me that he doesn't have those feelings for me right now and that I should go find someone else, but he doesn't know how he'll feel 6 months from now. It sounds crazy to me, how do you have feelings for someone in the beginning... then not have them.. then say you might have them in 6 months! I don't know if he's just scared and keeping his distance, or stringing me along?

    I really do care for him and, while I'm not sitting around waiting for him if someone else should come along, I can't get him out of my head 🙂

    Thank you very much for the reading - I know there is really nothing I can do but just enjoy those feelings I have for him and see where it goes.

  • Well, I believe he hopes its you. I think in his world the idea of commitment is an important step and he takes it seriously. I don't know about his "picking up women" thing, that sounds like a guy searching his own heart more than anything. I think the males of this planet have a more difficult time understanding the connection between physical and the spirit than the females, so they have to go through this physical thing with women sometimes to try to figure that out. Probably a phase.

    He is stalling for time. This "6 month" thing is a blind.

    7 of Wands. He is dreaming paths. Trying on different scenarios in his head as regards a lifestyle with someone (you). So until that 7 wands fades he can't do much except say things like "maybe 6 months" or "I don't have those feelings for you right now"... baloney I am sure he does he is stalling.

    8 of Pentacles. This is his physical world, expanding, developing. So he is operating from a more material understanding of life. He is trying to learn about the Universe and spirit and how this all works in a relationship. Takes a while for the guys. (I am a guy btw).

    Page of Pentacles. So his "steps" with you he sees as having to be physical. He has to send the card, make the call, he doesn't yet understand that he can have a relationship with you without the physical. Again, its a guy thing. Girls get it, guys it takes a while.

    Tower, yeah, see his "material" world view is crumbling, hence some fear on his part. So he is thinking maybe in 6 months I can have all this rubble cleaned up from the Tower falling and THEN I can get with ScorpioF69 and get something going... he doesn't yet understand that you are an angel and are always with him just yet. He will have that light bulb moment.

    2 of Swords - Spirit just said yes to all that.

    Chariot. Matters will be taking off soon for you.

    10 of Swords. Once he works through the nuts and bolts of this Spiritual relationship with you he will be ready.

    Ace of Pentacles. The best card in the Tarot according to Waite. This shows the material beginning WITH YOU once he gets his head screwed on straight.

    So I think things are proceeding as they should. You are doing the right things. He has to process all of this in his own way.

    ... then the Lovers card appears afterwards... how does that sound? 🙂

    A man... and an angel. Sounds like heaven doesn't it? You do love him a lot I feel that. He is transforming like I said, resurrection energies.

  • Astra,

    Thank you very much... I do feel much better and I also think you are right about everything you said. I'll just let him sort everything out and keep caring about him - then see where it goes!

    I really do appreciate you taking the time......Blessings and have a great weekend 🙂

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