• Hi blmoon how are you? I was wondering if you can give me a reading just anything you pick up.

    Thank you

  • I see a girl holding a door closed--actually pushing with all her strength and at a stalemate. She is afraid of what's trying to come in? I do not see the counter push so spirit is saying this fear is mostly of your own creation. You are fighting for the sake of fighting. Does that make sense? I hope so because times a wastin and you are missing some great universal energy out there for those who are on board for a seriouse change. I sense a lot of chaos and emotion all around you--it's as if you go back and forth between fighting something and at least getting relief or pacing around--too busy--scattered---overwhelmed---forgetting things---tired during day--yet mind racing at night---headaches---stiffness. You fear health issues--imagine scary things--panic Then you crash for awhile--like lead in your shoes and all you want to do is sleep and you get weepy and replay every wound you've had cut you deep. I hope you take spirit's gift today and start an INTENTION with a true work at it habit TODAY to stop focusing outside you and let go and be alone with your self. You need to find habits of coping to lay a foundation so you can live strong and stop this feeling of having no control. Right now I feel your energy is stuck in a helpless energy. You get up everyday and that day is in charge of YOU ---you are at the mercy of others--yet that is really an illusion---YOU CAN CHOOSE. You just need to practice how. Find healthy ways to chanel stress, fear, anger, EMOTIONS. You feel others more than you do yourself--this is a long time habit but good news is many others are dealing with this too and it is a perfect time to make changes. This is no time for wishy washy--this is a time for JUST DO IT. Let go of all or nothing thinking. Be aware of who you are and that part of your wounded self that does things to hold you back--your wounded part. Stop beating yourself up--or getting lost in regret. You tend to get paralized by if only thinking--if only this or only that THEN everything will be fine. WRONG! Life will always test you . You must be in a strong state of power to handle whatever comes your way. You fall easily into situations that feed the abandoned wound in you---or the I'm not enought. You have extrodinary energy--you just have not put into place a plan or faith into channeling that. Your energy scares you--it overwhelms you and when you unleash it on others you often then regret and feed the I am bad wound. Now is time to take ALL the best advice you've ever read or gotten and just put it to work. YOU in charge. Build something beautiful with that energy. Out of the chaos all worthy things are creative. You can do this. Let go of fear. The scary feelings will not kill you and you will by May see a big change should you decide to truelly do this. When you plant an important seed--it always manifest in 6 months. BLESSINGS! PS--there is one person you focus on particularly as the ememy--let it go! It is an illusion!

  • Blmoon you are right I am afraid of what's coming. There is a lot going on around me that overwhelms me all the time. I do feel tired during the day but I don't know why. My mind goes beyond the point before I go to sleep at night I think about everything that I didn't think of during the day. Helpless energy what can that mean? Sometimes I feel am not good enough like you say I don't is just a feeling I get but I know are worth something. Energy? You are like the second person that says I have some kind of energy but I dot know. I think it was somebody here that said I have strong intuitive or something like that I don't k ow what can that mean. I do tend to blame someone for everything that I have gone through the last fee months. I don't see her as an enemy but I do blame her.

    Thank you

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