Cosmic Rewriting of DNA

  • a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff

    "The possibility of stepping into a higher plane is quite real for everyone. It requires no force or effort or sacrifice. It involves little more than changing our ideas about what is normal." - Deepak Chopra.

    As the Sun, Moon, planets and stars dance to the magical rhythms of deep space in a vast choreography that spirals through dimensions and cycles of time we enter November. The month begins on a reasonably orderly note as we travel a cosmic route through celestial tides that will be initiating a realignment of energy that supplies your biology (cells) with fresh programs of stability.

    For more than twenty years now, a massive acceleration of energy has been affecting our dimensional reality by speeding up the pace of life in the outer world, which in turn has required you to transform your consciousness. As more and more of our external reality falls into disarray and disrepair the human mind instinctively delves for meaning and understanding. Lucky for you the month of November will hold clarity, choice, and grounding if you can stretch to understand what cannot always be explained in linear terms?

    The collective is rewriting the galactic moment of emptiness that Earth finds herself within. The power that wants to become yours requires an understanding of energies around you that you don't quite comprehend. November may require patience on your part for what is anchoring may feel or seem puzzling. Remain confident in your demeanor and by month's end you will have gained the ability to build Spirit into your material existence from that deep sense of order within that is yours.

    All the contents of the Milky Way Galaxy - all planetary and stellar bodies - act as galactic circuitry relaying cosmic rays and electromagnetic bursts of intelligence from the Sun. In a similar fashion to our man-made satellite system the signals get sent from cosmic bodies and are carried into your pineal gland via light which then influences your life with encodements of enlightenment, expansion, unity and seeming chaos. Light and all its intelligence filters in and out of our atmosphere, sometimes strong and sometimes weak. During the next few weeks we will be supported by space signals that will be in direct communication with the human DNA. The benefit is going to be that your Soul essence is going to be coming "down and into" the cellular body.

    The efforting of this endeavor may feel like an intense athletic exercise program for some. For others it will give the umph, stamina and drive for new projects. With these new infusions coming in daily you could feel bored with people always stuck in the same dramas and seek new, more exciting friendships. It could also be that the amount of contentment that arrives in the body allows you to relax, even to the point of being lethargic. Go ahead and sleep more. Whatever it is you will be reinventing yourself. You are changing the amount of Soul energy within your DNA and cellular biology.

    Because the energy within you will be changing, it's necessary for you to change your perception of what is around you - what is yours to manage and change, and how you can actually call on the creator inside to re-create what you thought to be unchangeable. Beginning today you can start to notice the white sparks of Soul fire that are being delivered into your cells. Look with your third eye and you may see them embedded within a dark blue tone. Allow this multidimensional technology to imprint your being. It has the intelligence to rewrite "life consciousness".

    To get the power of this incoming information you will want to make peace with wherever life takes you. As the Soul codes land and begin to "poke" anything that challenges your inner authority you may feel backed into a corner with little leverage room in your life. It an illusion; you always have the freedom of choice. Make peace with the experience that appears limiting or threatens to entrap you by learning to interpret the message from the Soul that is underneath the discomfort. Remember, if you can endure or handle the pain of the experience then you get the power (consciousness) that is written into the situation from Spirit.

    The Soul only desires beneficial outcomes that anchor Higher Self wisdom in this domain. If you find yourself believing you are not getting a fair shake from the cosmic reservoir of Universal Love, Knowledge and Wisdom you can use this meditation. Center yourself inside your heart chakra. Fill the entire space with a beautiful hue of unconditional green. When the heart center becomes saturated go ahead and allow it to ripple out into your entire field. Next see the turquoise cosmic rays of freedom - they usually enter your field from the back. Let this color infuse your aura and energy field. The green and turquoise will swirl and mix throughout your system. Stay with the meditation until they blend and become teal. Once you have the teal color "breathe" it through your field for a couple of minutes - then you can send it through your root chakra and into the earth. Repeat as necessary.

    You can't wallow in the singularity of your human bias when you invoke the stabilization and peaceful serenity of unconditional love and freedom. Another tip, wear navy blue or teal to enhance expanding your worth and value as a Soul in a body that is ascending.

    That's my message for this week. Every soul that chooses to heal wounds, overcome insecurities and nurture its own well-being contributes to the incoming healthy 5D model that inspires greater understanding within the collective mind and heart.

    Rev. Angela


    The beauty of Oneness command my attention this morning. The unstoppable intent of this optimistic and uplifting tone charms me into an awareness centered on Spirit and how Its expression is disguised in all. I sense the truth that there is only this one Spirit flowing from one Creator throughout one Universe. If the world runs on the fuel of self-fulfilling prophecies I charge my day with the transformative alchemy that I am one with the evolution of creation. I am one with Life, one with Spirit, adoringly united with a Creator that always receives me fully and intimately. There has never been a separation between us, ever!

    I am the divine bosom of Eternity crafting Its talents in this finite and temporal place of achievement. As fear arises throughout my days I turn and face it knowing it is illusion. I grab it by the jowls and squeeze until I get its full attention, not afraid to look at it face to face. I realize that the tough spots are made for me to b-r-e-a-t-h-e deeper and more from my center place, my heart light, a place where fear cannot dwell. Every vibration of struggle, fear, or lack within me are gathering from the depths of my subjectivity and being brought up through the hidden mystery of darkness to be washed clean by the most beautiful love filled light. My faith is strong so I am able to let fear pass from me revealing personal satisfaction, happiness, enlightenment, accomplishment, and goodness. Fear is a timeless teacher that lends itself to a shiny future. Each time I find fear knocking on my door I use it as the tool of light it was birthed to be.

    Transmuting fear teaches alchemy and I thank Spirit for these insights and constant Presence in my life. Gratefully I accept the love and support I feel in these words and know beyond all doubt the Truth they contain. Knowing they are sure to manifest, I release these words to the creative flow of the one Mind. And so it is. Amen.

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