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  • hi my life always seems to be a mess. i was married now im single mom. i always seem to give my feelings away to the wrong person. i beleive u meet people in your life for a reason i meet a married man and some how when it seemed no one could hear me screeming in side he seem to hear me. i have become attached to him we are trying to just be freinds but it is hard to do. there is something that draws me to him. and if someone could help me understand y that is i have also noticed that there has been a lot of people with j in there name thats in my life. i just cant seem to get ahead no matter how i try.

  • Take one day at a time. I've been divorced 11 years. You are broken and have to rebuild yourself. It takes time, time, time, get the idea. If you really want to move on, go on an emotional diet by cutting him out of you life. Begin living the new life, by remolding yourself into what you want to be. The children will help you do that. Count them as your blessing and meds of healing.

  • Okay I totally agree with paintedtoes, but I am going to take the answer a step farther. First of all don't forget karma. If you are out there performing acts that are hurtful to others, hurtful things are going to come back at you. The hurtful thing in your scenario is, his family, every time you two get close to becoming more than friends you are playing with fire. Do not ever mess with a family unit, it's a sure way to have nothing but problems for yourself, for a long time to come. So your tempted to attach yourself to this man, we are all tempted by something at one time or another, use your good judgement and let this man go, he is not available. You said I am always picking the wrong men. I beleive you are letting the wrong men pick you.

    It's time to face the facts, it might me hard but it is very necessary. Let this man go, I can't say it enough. After you do this (the right thing) the universe will send you positive and lifelong happiness, trust me I know, been there done that.

    This man is not worth bringing negative experiences into your life. Stand up brush yourself off and move forward without him.

    One more thing, did you ever stop to think that if he is willing to have this flirtatious exchange with you that he more than likely is developing a pattern for this behaviour. Even if you were to start more than friendship with this man, it won't be long before he starts going outside of the relationship the two of you have built and do the same thing to you that he is now doing to his wife.

    Think about it, it makes sense.

  • maybe the reason you feel so close to him is ask how long has he been married and maybe he understand because of that, he has seen all of what his wife has been through so you can coup with him better. and if his marrige is good try harder to be friends but if you need advice or something go to him and if it turns into something else then it was meant to be.....good luck in finding happiness

  • thank u for your answer it has been helpful to me. we are trying to stay apart from each other but its hard to do. it hard when u have been alone as long as me its been 7 years since i let some one in to my life. i have built a wall up that keeps people out but some how he broke it down and i tell him things that i have not told any one or man about so im going to keep trying to stay away and maybe it is becuse of his marriage and what he has or has not done that makes him that easy to talk to. but still dont know y it had to be him and not a single man that makes me feel this way.

  • I'm sort of going through the same thing, I've let him go for now but it hurts terribly, honestly don't know how to live without him. Good luck

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