Archangel Michael: This Election Will Clear the Way for Obama

  • Geoff West has just completed the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel and the tape is off to Ellen to be transcribed. But since the events are so timely, perhaps I can summarize some of the points that Archangel Michael made with Geoff.

    In all cases, Ellen’s transcription is to be preferred to my own rough typing. I’ve tried to be accurate but may have made a few slips.

    He reiterated that “the storm [Hurricane Sandy] was not a human creation.”

    “It was a natural phenomenon that was very clearly guided and targeted for the removal of negativity, for the clean-up of the people of the planet. … It was very clearly directed, but it was not directed by what you would think of as negative human forces. And please understand that Gaia and her ability to direct enegries is much stronger than any of the humans and that is particularly the case here.”

    He said that Gaia would never wish to create massive human devastation if it was not part of the process of cleansing of negativity. He predicts that human love of drama will go way down as a result of the storm and balance will go way up.

    He agreed with the reports that the storm stopped Mitt Romney’s momentum and “gave the people an opportunity to actually see the President of the United States acting in a way that was very caring and compassionate and in leadership capability rather than in partisan politics so it gave the people a chance to witness who he truly is.”

    He said that the outpouring of compassion to those who were affected “is opening people’s hearts.”

    He asserted that “the storm was not a cover for a direct takeover of the Federal Reserve. That is incorrect information.” He added that “there is no need to do anything with the Federal Reserve. That is not the source of abundance that anyone is looking to.”

    He also advised that there was no rejigging of the stock exchange. But there was nevertheless a reason for the shutdown of Wall Street.

    “There have been a great number of thefts and of manipulations that were to the advantage of what we would call powerholders and to the disadvantage of those who were trying to protect or earn money. … During this time of shutdown, the first criteria … is that many people came to realize that first of all the world does not end if the stock market is closed for a couple of days. So that is an important realization and in many ways that alone was a reset.

    “And in the second place during this downtime or reset as you would phrase there was a massive infusion of light and love into that entire sector or environment, including every single person all over the globe that is involve din this type of activity.

    “This was an infusion directly from the heart of my legions and from the heart of the Mother/Father One. And from the galactics.

    “So did we fiddle with the stock market? No. But it re-opened on a very vibrant note.

    “And when it reopened it was realized that what was important was those trapped in the streets, and in their homes. So it brought the attention back to what was really important.”

    It is true, however, that there was some adjustment of records in the New York Police Department. He said:

    “About the records of the New York Police Department, now you know that I am an archangel of justice or balance. Now let me tell you that there are many beings in that database that are completely innocent so there was some readjustment done, nothing major, but there was some readjustment. “

    On the re-election of the President, he said:

    “This will be an election that clears the way for Obama to step into his role to co-create the New Earth. So, yes, he will and he does have the support that he will need in order to play his role.

    “But if everything went awry, we need to emphasize that this does not change the roles and missions of each of you but more importantly of Barack Obama and his team. This will go forward.”

    And he confirmed that the President’s re-election is the signal for events to begin: “And yes, this will inaugurate the whirlwind so get ready.”

    He confirmed that Christine Lagard has been in containment and because of that she is serving the Light. Geoff asked him about the Committee of 300 now supporting Obama. He replied:

    “What is significant is the amount and quality of support from every corner of the planet and also from very diverse interests that are there to support Obama.

    “This is a very significant indicator of change that those who have been in very full containment and in very light containment are shifting. We have been very clear that everyone is welcome to assist with Gaia. So you are seeing the shift in heart of those whom you have been very skeptical of shifting their agenda.”

    So a lot of the shifts that are taking place now are occurring because of containment. He added for Canadians that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in middle containment, not severe containment. So there will be a change of heart in him as well and in the rigorous nature of his policies.

    Geoff asked him about 11/11 and 12/12 and he replied that the 11/11 portal, which had been opened on 11/11 1992 has been available to the human race since that time but that is now being intensified. So we might think of it as gates that have been opened but now they are being flung back.

    Both 11/11 and 12/12 are very important dates, he said. These are human reference points that are important. He advised us to mark the occasions with ceremony, with meditation and prayer. Think of 11/11 as a declaration of human peace. “Plan unifying events for this day, to declare this on behalf of yourselves and your brothers and sisters of Earth.”

    He said we would soon see the end of gang wars, the end of civil violence, and the end of torture.

    He said as well that “12/12 is highly significant and again it is an opening, a further opening and anchoring of energies that began on 12/12 1993, and this is a gate that will grow and expand for years into the future.”

    Peace with the Third Dimension on 11/11, he summarized, and balance and readiness for liftoff on 12/12.

    He agreed with my article “We Won,” saying that lightworkers and lightholders had indeed won the war and, because we have, the celestials and galactics have also won. In his words:

    “The war is over and you have won. Which also means that we have won. Which also means that we go hand in hand, and heart in heart, that we go forward in this completion. The boulder is at the bottom of the hill, my friends.”

    In the discussion of Ascension that followed, most of which I’ll leave to Ellen to transcribe, he stated that “our plan is that everybody goes, everybody. But if there are a few who by free choice choose to relocate elsewhere, they will think that nothing much has changed.”

    He reiterated that “there is a window there so we are not talking about 20,000 years. So there is a window for [the slow ones] to come aboard.”

    Let me stop there, though there was much else that was discussed. We now need to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy, welcome in a “new” President, and then begin a period of concentrated transformation.

  • I do not agree that Obma is the one president as he is just a socialist in disquise he wants people to be under contol like lemmings. This man scaresme like no other human being and I fear he is ushering the way for the antichrist as people call him and he likes his cronies to play the race card any one who does not agree with obama is a racistist this man is evil pure and simple

  • You are welcome to your belief, I don't know, Romney gives me the creeps, I don't judge but follow my heart and my heart says Obama. I don't know all the answers but when they ask who I believe who do better for me and my family it ain't Romney, I'm one of the 47%. How ever I Am in this world and not of this world, so I have to look out for the highest good of ALL the people, not just the priviledged.

    Peace, Love and Light!

    P.S. I had no intrest either way but tried to vote with my heart.

  • Geez my spelling is horrible! LOL!


  • We're all holding the US in our hearts in this house tonight and praying (like the majority of the rest of the world according to a poll of 20000 people in 21 countries - Obama 50% Romney 9%) that Obama is re-elected.

    But I feel for those of you who support Romney, particularly if you have such an aversion to Obama. Either way, half of your electorate is going to be disappointed. That's really hard.

    I don't how I'm going to sleep tonight; not that I can do a thing to affect the outcome! Still, if Michael has it in hand maybe I should practice a little trust....

  • If AMEN Poetic555 & Greenshoots!!!!!

    It's a sad state of affairs to hear comments like was stated above

    " .....he is ushering the way for the antichrist as people call him and he likes his cronies to play the race card any one who does not agree with obama is a racistist this man is evil pure and simple...."

    What in the world is "evil" about this man Pres Obama; is he "evil" because he is African American and he has a "heart" and "compassion" for ALL of Man-Kind and wants for ALL AMERICANS to have a equal/fair chance at life/liberty/opportunity/education/healthcare/American Dream/Prosperity, etc??? I don't get it!! We need more people in the world like him to be quite Frank about it. The racial under/overtones have never been so great in years than it has with this election. Certainly not like when there were Caucasion Presidents in office.

    Light and Love surround you!


  • OBAMA !!!

  • Can't talk now, but thank you America!

    Blessings to you all. We'll have apple pie for dinner by way of celebration... and maybe some dancing too.... and singing....maybe....





  • Why was the gate open in the year of1992. Why couldn't it be opened up sooner? Is there a special reason for that?

  • Poetic555, Really liked your article. Yes, I support Obama as well.

  • I have to agree with Shadowmist here....and also, just because I don't agree (at all) with Obama's policies, how he ran his campaign (shameful actually) and his agenda scares me to death (plus he knows nothing about economics), I am not a racist and am getting really tired of the liberals using the race card. This election was not about race, it was about the country, his failures, our struggling economy. He is a failure and a liar and the dems were so obssessed with race and making Obama a celebrity, they didn't even care that he had no ideas to fix this mess!! I normally read and put a lot of stock in Poetic's writings about Assension and what the Masters have to tell us, but this one sounds a little contrived. You have lost me as a follower.

    Peace and hope to you all.

  • Who's using a race card? Chris Rock did a hilarious video of Obama being white. He was raised white, he acts white...he had to go into black neighborhoods, he wasn't from them.

    That said, what I saw, and ferverently prayed for and lost sleep over was NOT whether there will be an extra $25 in my paycheck but whether people could overcome their inate greed and belief in scarcity and lack to look beyond their paycheck. Which, btw, I believe that Obama saved the entire financial world community in doing what he did....

    But that aside how could anyone who cares about humanity vote against tolerance, women's rights, gay rights, social services? How can anyone believe in a party that will force a woman to have a child but cut the program that's going to provide milk for that child?

    If there's evil here it's in this - a married, raped woman has to have a baby and her husband has to raise it, or an umarried woman has to have a baby she cannot feed. That's the hard line stance of the "other" party who believes they can make a stranger do what they tell her she must.

    There were HUGE ideoligical principals in play in this debate - will we still be a nation that offers to immigrants and American Dream? Will we be a nation that claims weapons of mass destruction to start wars that kill Americans and citizens alike? Will we be a nation that supports an infrastructure that allows for the poor, the down and out, the disenfranchised to still have social safety nets? Will we retain a global image that is respected?

    Because, my friend, Romney was mocked world wide for his gaffs, his non knowledge of geography and the world held its breath as it waited to see if he would start a trade war with China on his first day in office.

    How can anyone say the alternative offered to Obama was better when it was UNKNOWN...

    and yes, heartless. Empty. Old, white and racist - to the whites!

    What I saw in Times Square was not only a vote for a citizen of the world, as we all should be - but a vote for the FUTURE! My gosh, so many people looking under 30 or in their early 20's - all flashing 4 fingers, jumping up and down for hours....

    those voters voted to make this country great. They voted for ideals and dreams and issues far beyond their pocketbooks.

    Whether you believe any of this or not, to label it evil, to call it lies is to deny reality. Obama did not run ads saying Jeep was moving to China, nor was he lambasted for telling this untruth by the head of Chrysler.

    The truth is that when the nation votes the will of the people is revealed and it is time to come together and believe in the United States of America! We will never NOT be ONE nation, and this hatred is only the last gasps of changing times, perhaps a reflection of fear, in a time of hope and change.

    God bless America, God bless our President and God bless you all!

  • Hi,

    I have to agree with SHADOWMIST & LIBRALULI. Some people knows about facts and some dont thats why we are divided. Sorry but we are all entitled to our opinions. NOW WE REALLY NEED GODS BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you Jlingaangel (because I agree with you) and thank you to everyone commenting on this forum, whether I agree with you or not. It can be difficult for people to talk politics, risk becoming aware of where we differ and what divides us; to risk others' disrespect and animosity.

    I'd like to offer republicans an opportunity to share their feelings following the election; about their fears for the future. Maybe it's an opportunity to look at the fear in more detail to see if it needs to be held onto? Perhaps you could share your dreams about how you would like things to develop in your country and we could have a forum where disagreement isn't shied away from, but where similarities are recognised? And all in the spirit of finding avenues for light to get to any dark corners. Each one of us, whoever or wherever we are should be looking for ways to let the light in....

    By the way, any Australians out there; that was a powerful speech by your prime minister about misogyny! She was fabulous! Is she as good in other areas of governance?

    Love to all.

  • I am Canadian and I followed the process of your election YOU HAVE CHOSEN THE CORRECT MAN ....BARACK OBAMA . What a wonderful man he is. many in Canada truly love him and see him, ', NOT as a SOCIALIST' but as a wise humanitarian with the ability to be a great leader with a unique sense of compassion and, justice for ALL . If all countries had leaders like him perhaps there would no longer be wars, cruelty, hunger, homeless, greed and more greed. I wish him the best and may Almighty God our Creator help him to lead .

  • President Obama is a failure of a president. He has done almost everything that the Republicans have wanted. They have laughed at him. He is a Republican Centrist.

    For these past years while in office, he has arrested and deported more illegal immigrants than his predecessor. The war on Iraq, he didn't want to end it. There was a contract, and he had to abide by it and end the war there. He extended the Bush Tax Cuts. This man was in some ways, President Bush x2.

    He is a weak man, and I am ashamed about him. I'm ashamed for our two party system in America. Simply put, you are voting for the lesser of two evils. Two candidates that are bought by corporations. I mean, heck, he's going to lower corporate tax cuts. Oh, but wait, he's cutting loopholes.


    And Mitt Romney? Bah! He was a liberal governor of Massachusetts turned ultra conservative. He turned as soon as party went batsh*t crazy with it's fundamentalist views. I think Jlina touched on that pretty well.

    If President Obama became a socialist it would be an improvement. Don't worry, girls, there isn't much change coming about. It's still going to be politics as usual.

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