Need Psychic's Insight on Old Friend Please??

  • Hello,

    I have an old friend that I reconnected with some 2+ years ago and we have been in contact/communication on and off since that time. He lives several hundred miles from me so we don't really see each other much. He's been having some family/financial challenges for a few months. It has been about a week since we last spoke and I am concerned about him; I reach out via text/phone without any response.

    Can someone tell me what might be going on in his life as of late. Is he safe? Is he depressed? Has he run off with someone, lol? Does he have any drug or alcohol problems that may be an issue for him. Or is this a manipulative game?? Just any insight you can give that might be troubling him would be a great relief, please? Initial are JB.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance. I pray light and love over take you,


  • I hope you have not given this man money. I know this is not the answer you want but it is a gift if you get past your fear and let go of this distraction. Nothing would have held this man back from being near you if that is what he really wants. You are so afraid of the unknown of your own life, you lack faith in yourself and this man ties you up in a way where all your focus is on him so you do not need to feel what really is reality. He has become an addiction to the point of feeling panic at the thought of him not being real. It will be hard but it will pass if you just stick to it and let him go and move forward in your life. He is not who you think he is and the distance keeps that fantasy safe. Part of your higher self knows what you are doing. You deserve love. You are loved! But not by this man. Choose love--love yourself enough to let him go so you can live a real life and raise your energy to attract the man who will make it happen with o excuses. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi BLMOON,

    Thank you so kindly for your reply. I have not given him any money! I am very troubled/confused now by what you have disclosed. I feel that I have been manipulated into believing in his love however. What specifically was your insight may I ask? Does he have a substance abuse problem? Is he a womanizer a user?

    Please help me more; this is someone I had put a great deal of trust/faith in yes. We go back 30years, but re-connect just 2+ ago like I said. Can you be more specific?

    Ligth and Love,


  • He is already in a relationship. That person knows about you just recently. He has been in several relationships since you reconnected. He is not really interested in a committment with anyone but enjoys the attention. He doesn't feel he is cheating as he has not committed to anyone including you. He gets interested in someone new and slacks off and that blows over and he goes back and forth with his possabilities. You will hear from him again if that's what you really want to hear. You will hear from him.

  • Hi BLMOON,

    Wow. Thank you so much for the insight! I had a hunch; I appreciate your support very much!


  • Consider this not a mistake but a gathering strength as you are in a crossroads right now--actually your crossroads began six months ago and you almost went a different way then. Trust your gut--not your emotions as this is part of the new you being reborn--self reliant and learning to be your own best mate. It is a scary time--a time of being overwhelmed by emotions and energy but do not see it ass something wrong but a good sign that you are breaking away from outside drama and attachments you let consume that scary feeling of "free falling". This is a good time to be very spiritualy minded and do the work of all the knowledge you have dabbled in over the years. Meditation will help you---there are many free guided ones online as well as some you can buy. Spirit mostly advises you to avoid fearful thoughts about the future. Focus on gratefulness. It will raise your energy and you will atract more abundance. Abundance is a state of mind. If you work hard at sticking to new habits right now--in May you will feel the shift and a new man will find YOU. BLESSINGS! PS---You are NOT alone!

  • Blessings from on High find you and overtake you BLMOON!

    I thank you for the words of insight and wisdom and so well spoken/delivered in 'season' to my soul. You speak words of confirmation and validation of what is and has been brewing for sometime inside of me. It is a very very painful reality to face, that you have revealed, at this particular moment and oh so sudden as well, but I know that everything that i have need of is already within me and so I press forward toward the Mark of the High Calling within me, with patience, confidence, courage and Faith! Thank you, for I had momentarily forgotten Who I AM!! 🙂



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