May I have Readers insight on friendship Please??

  • Hello,

    I have an old friend that I reconnected with some 2+ years ago and we have been in contact/communication on and off since that time. He lives several hundred miles from me so we don't really see each other much. He's been having some family/financial challenges for a few months. It has been about a week since we last spoke and I am concerned about him; I reach out via text/phone without any response.

    Can someone tell me what might be going on in his life as of late. Is he safe? Is he depressed? Has he run off with someone, lol? Does he have any drug or alcohol problems that may be an issue for him. Or is this a manipulative game?? Just any insight you can give that might be troubling him would be a great relief, please? Initial are JB.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance. I pray light and love over take you,


  • Please help 🙂 Need insight/clarity here...

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