• Hi captain I figure I would do a new topic and not keep writing in the other one.

    SagittariusGurl, you seem to be defining yourself by what partner you have in life. Your strength does not come from someone else - it comes from you. You can be happy with or without anyone else in your life. You need to recognize your own power and wisdom so that you don't need to depend on anyone else to provide you with happiness. Don't put yourself down so much you think you are a helpless nobody on your own.

    Well you are right I don't need anybody to be happy. I have to make my own self happy. I had a few question. Will me and him ever get along? Since every time we seem yo talk we end up arguing. I try everything I can to be good with him since his my daughters father and would want him in her life but you have told me that he will drift bit by bit from her life that I'm starting to see since be only sees her once a week if he wants too. Another question I put child support on him since is kind of difficult to get money from for the baby. I really didn't want to do it but since he got married I figure he wasn't going to give me money and use the excuse he always uses " I don't have any money" how will that turn out? And last one I been holding off some paperwork I have send and haven't been able to send it because he owes me someone supposely he gonna give it to be this month I will have to see. Will I be able to send hose papers this month and how will that turn out.

    Thank you captain I will really appreciate you help.

  • No, you two are moving further and further apart now and will understand each other less as time goes by. He will also become more grudging about child support. You could pursue him in the courts but I feel he will wriggle out of it. Courts can say he must pay but he still won't do it. And then he will definitely disappear.

  • Oh well life goes on I just didn't expect everything to just end up that way with him. He has change way so much since his been with that woman. I filed child support papers last week but haven't heard anything yet. Here in U.S if you don't pay you go to jail. I think it would affect him in many different ways if he doesn't pay. But you know at the end people do what they want so is his problem. Regardless if he gives me money or not she's going to have food on the table and a roof over her head. Is his loss if he doesn't want to be around her but I'm sure that ones his finish with this woman his going to want to be Bach in her life well I guess. Is just said that he would rather be a MAN before a FATHER.

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