Need insight on treatment/health practitioner - Captain or anyone

  • Hi

    I did an osteopathic treatment for my lower back problems and I'm supposed to go back next week.

    I feel better but I don't really get along with the practitioner. The website said it would be gentle and painless, but he was rough. Tugging at my feet till the joints in my knees or ankles clicked, pulling, pressing and well, being generally disagreeable. Kinda like a grumpy old man who's experienced and good at what he does but doesn't really have good bedside manner. I was telling him I felt nervous and uncomfortable that he was using so much force, but he only had terse replies for me that this kind of treatment never killed anyone, etc. I have chronic injuries and I really don't want to make things worse or create new problems, but he wasn't listening to my concerns, or much of what i was saying etc.

    He also cracked my neck - some people feel better when they do this, but it's such a horrible sensation. I don't have a problem with my neck and it's the last thing I wanted to have him do. It freaked me out because I've read that spinal manipulations (especially of the neck) can be harmful and should be done only when necessary. I had a bit of a headache afterwards, and today it feels like the blood pressure changed - weird sensory down the back of my head and neck (circulation?) and in my nasal passages.

    I had previously been going to a chiropractor who's very gentle and reassuring, by contrast, but the treatment seems to be making things worse. That's why I decided to try osteopathic treatment.

    It feels like osteopathic treatment may be helpful for my condition - to realign whatever is out of alignment at this point, but I'm almost afraid to go for a second treatment. I'm wondering if I should switch to one of his other colleagues in the same practice? And can you pick up anything on my health right now?

  • You should find another practioner - outside the same practice if you can. I feel the negativity there will extend to them all. You have to trust and like a doctor to receive both physical and emotional relief. Especially someone like you whose physical wellbeing is so tied to your mental and emotional health.

  • Thanks Captain!

    I hate to say it but he's probably good at what he does. He seemed to think I'd be 'fixed' in 1 or 2 more sessions, instead of the 4-10 suggested by the chiropractor. And I do feel much better after this one treatment than I have from a month of chiropractic adjustment. So much so that I'm wondering if I should just endure 1 more session with this guy?

    But my neck, upper shoulder and back of my head hurts from what he did with the neck cracking. And I'm worried that his style of treatment may cause injuries or lax ligaments that I won't realize till I'm back to exercising and dancing.

    You are very right that trust in a physician (any kind) is very important, because you're putting your well-being in his hands. I felt upset and angry during the session, that he just brushed aside my concerns - and cracked my neck without explaining what he was going to do and why.

    He's the owner of the practice, so it could be that the others behave the same way, as you say. I hope I can find someone else.

  • No he is not good at what he does if he doesn't make you feel comfortable or secure during the session. But maybe you could make sure of whether or not he is helping you by trying just one more treatment if that is all he said it should take. Then if you are really unsure about him, look elsewhere.

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