Full moon eclipse on my bday on 28th

  • My birthday falls on November 28th and this year theres a full moon ,lunar eclipse falling on that day.Does that hold any significance?


  • Since the eclipse falls in the sign of Gemini, you will be most affected by it, since all Geminis, Virgoans, Sagittarians, and Pisceans will come under its influence more strongly than any other sign, (especially those born in the middle of their sunsign). And women tend to be more affected by a lunar eclipse while men are more affected by solar eclipses. This eclipse is about temptation and control, addictions and manipulation. It can bring breakdowns and misunderstandings in communication. It asks a most important question: who or what will you allow to enslave you? And who or what will be under your control? Only by understanding this part of yourself can you gain power over it and use it to your benefit rather than letting it use you. This eclipse can awaken distinctly irrational responses. Since the Moon governs domestic matters, the emotional personality rather than leadership and the public, it tends to have a more personal effect than the solar eclipse, which plays a more outward, even political, role. Your private, nurturing side will be more affected than your public side. The eclipse will also bring opportunities to exchange information, to understand better how to move through limiting circumstances, as well as insights into other ways to interpret this period and how it’s impacting your present and future. This period begins about 4 1/2 months of mental metamorphosis and turning major corners of life!

    Like most Lunar Eclipses, this one ushers in a transitional period that will clear things out of your life, and especially your past. The space created can attract circumstances and people through which you can develop skills helping you deal with the wild ride of Ascension that's in continuous motion during these months. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will illuminate your consciousness and how it approaches spiritual truths, showing you how open minded you are or not. This will take form as understanding basic life purposes within larger universal patterns of relationship. Here you will grow into a greater skill, demonstrated in what knowledge you seek for different kinds of personal power. So while it may bring friction, emotional highs and lows, and miscommunication, there is also the opportunity to grow and learn so much at this time.

  • Thanks a ton Captain!

    Sigh... just when I thought I had already been through these issues this year:) This Ascension is relentless

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