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  • Hello, My stepdaughters (cancer) husband (pisces) left her & their 2 kids last December. Luckily he is still financially supporting them but doesnot want to get involved with his wife except that he picks up the kids only thats what she says. My husband has told his daughter to start looking for a job and should really divorce her husband and move on. I told my husband not to tell her that but my husband just couldnot understand his daughter or the situation. His daughter normally calls him every week or every 2 weeks but its been 2 months now she has not called her father. Is she mad at him? or are they going to be divorced? I dont interfere with them on this I just listen

    to the dramas.

    Thank you & blessings

  • HI Magickal ,

    I drew some tarot cards regarding your situation ,

    3 of wands

    the high priestess

    5 of cups

    I feel she was very hurt by what your husband said and is waiting for him to make the first move .I do feel she has been looking for a job and she will get one soon ( 3of wands). I feel she will decide on the best job by following her intuition (The high priestess ) but at the moment she if full of extreme sadness ,i feel that the divorce is iminnet but she fully hasnt wanted to face the thought of it ,( 5 of cups ) I do feel your husband will have to call her as she isnt going to budge on this .

    I hope this helps Loap:)

  • LivingonaPrayer

    Its sad this marriage ends if it will. All we know about the husband is he is nice & a hardworking man.

    And I know he is. He makes good money & only wants the best for his wife & kids when they were happily married. 3 1/2 years after, he just walks out on her and dont want anything to do with her except their kids. I mean I know he walked out on her but still he fully financially supported them even if they were separated. Some men wont even do that.To begin with he didnot want the second child but SHE did what she wanted and went ahead with it.

    My stepdaughter is a very stubborn & spoiled person. You cannot tell her anything. Its her way or no way. When she was single it was my husband who has helped her a lot and nothing from her mother. I mean just for once my husband has spoken and she is mad. Well I know now why he walked out on her. It will be very hard to find another man like him. She blew it then.

    Thank you so much for your help and many blessings to you and loved ones!!!!

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