Any thoughts on this please

  • Been having feeling of insecurity at night. About a week ago had a dream of an infant crying out in agony. Freaked me out, haven't dreamt this before. Prior to this, heard a woman moan while taking a shower, next morning, spirit called out a name to me. Since it happened in my house, I figured it was my next door neighbor. Went next door and she told me that they recently sold the house and she'd be moving, she had the flu and she started a new job. So, I said, ok--that's the message here. After I heard the infant crying, I asked if she knew of an infant. She said she had 2 grandchild that are infants but they were ok. This morning before I get up I hear--he didn't want it. So, it's very frustrating to me. Any ideas here...

  • This is the Halloween/Day of the Dead period when those who have passed are most active. It's not surprising that you are sensing them a lot. .

  • Thanks for responding. Yes, someone else told me this also. I'm fearful that an infant is being mistreated that's still alive. If what you said is correct, then I'll welcome this period as being close to over. I feel like I have to find out who this is.

  • Daliolite

    In chinese astrology to dream of a baby indicates financial worries, sadness or if you have an important decision to make or bothered about a decision a baby appears in ones dream.

  • Daliolite

    A very, very long time ago when I was single several times a baby appears in my dream. At that time I was always thinking of my financial situation & I had a decision to make also so I was worried about it.

  • Magical, Yes, I can relate to that as well. I have plans to remodel my house. I don't know if I should repair as is or extend it some to enlarge it. It's been in need of repairs. I don't know if I want to eventually sell it. I'll have to move all my stuff (and I mean all of it) into storage for the repairs. I've been thinking of putting up the framework to a new house so I don't have to go into storage or a place to live until it's completed. I just have to take it step by step. It won't drain me but it's some major decisions I'll have to make (worries.)

    I've been receiving affirmations on the infant I heard and the fact that it was/is unwanted by someone. I had to leave work early today and went to a hamburger place to get a bite. As I was leaving the parking lot, on a telephone pole---DNA RESULTS--inexpensive. This is pretty much in-line w/my neighbor telling me that her son's wife messes around and he doesn't think the baby is his. I'm leaning more towards the fact that I was right in my first conclusion although to some it may seem wierd. I think I delivered the correct message to the correct person. Who else to right the situation--unless she has blinders on (I don't even know these people.) I do work w/the woman. She just started at my job. More than anything else, I feel like I'm being called to help this infant. I get the vibe it's a boy, I'll have to find out.

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