Astra Angel - could I have a reading please?

  • Hi Astra,

    I was hoping I may get a reading from you when you have the time -

    My question is -

    what would be the outcome if I move at Christmas, is it the right path for me to take?

    My name is Elaine DOB is 01/18/1983.

    Thank you. 😉

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  • Hi Elaine

    Okay! Let's see...

    I took a look at your chart, hey you are 1 day away from me, I am Jan 17. So you are a Cap with strong Aquarian strengths. So you are able to see options, alternatives in life paths, you like to imagine out of the box ways of achieving your goals. This move could be related to your learning more about this hidden Aquarian strength you have! You are also very intuitive, so right off I would say that as long as your heart is urging you to make the move , then you are on the right track.

    Moving at Christmas, hmm...

    I drew the Tower, Devil and Queen of Cups.

    So the outcome is the Queen of Cups. Emotional foundations.

    I drew another card to clarify the outcome and that is the Lovers. Wow is this move related to someone? That does seem to show a love interest.

    It seems that to get there you must pass through the Tower and Devil so that seems to be related to some steps you have to take before the move?

    I drew 2 more cards to clarify the Tower and the Devil. That is the Knight of Wands over the Tower and the Star over the Devil. So these seem to be addressing some fears perhaps? Also the 3 swords over the Knight wands, and 5 cups over the star.

    I would say... that you must be working with some situation that has been problematic for you and is causing you to want to move? There is something emotional you are wanting to distance yourself from perhaps. I get a real mixed bag of energies as a background to this move. I can see why you want to pack up!

    The cards for the outcome are all very nice though! I also drew the 2 of Cups and the Queen Pentacles so the move does seem to really benefit you emotionally and materially, financially. The Lovers and the 2 of cups are great cards to see there. Makes me think this is a love related move or that you will find something great in a relationship there.

    So far it looks encouraging however there does seem to be some "mopping up" that has to be done to close out old business? The Star right in the middle of this says bright things ahead!

    I hope that helps...

    blessings astra

  • Thank you Astra for this, much appreciated 🙂

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