Taurus and Leo in serious relationship

  • I've always been aware of how our signs affect all aspects of our life but have recently gained alot more insight due to my interest becoming more than just casual. My serious relationship of 5 yrs with a Leo has seen better days however I love him and want to be with him. I knew when we started out we werent exactly compatible however knowing that I could'nt help but fall in Love with him!! He was a man to be reckoned with and due to his 17 yrs on me the generation he grew up in had alot to do with that. Well neither one of us could stop the run away Lovetrain we were on even though I was aware of the fact we were not only incompatible under our signs we also had incompatible areas due to generational differences. I openly expressed my concerns about all this when we started going out secretly hoping he would be stronger than me and call it off. But no he was as smitten as me. So here we are 5 yrs later still together despite the odds and he's wanting to get married thats where I say stop the train not that I want the relationship to end but I fear that marriage will end it? Our BD's are 4/25/69 and his 8/2/1953. Am I just fearfull cause of past marriage experience (2 previous) or should I listen to the warning?

  • According to your astrological profiles, this makes a better friendship than it does a marriage. The playing out of feelings, thoughts, actions, and ideas happens on a monumental scale here. This relationship tends to force the two of you beyond yourselves, and doing things in a big way comes naturally for you. The result is that the relationship makes you advance beyond the point where you would normally choose to go, since individually you both have a tendency to dig in your heels and resist change. Loyalty, integrity, and responsibility are the keywords of this relationship and woe to the party who lets the other person down in a pinch. Your partner's irresistible force meets you, the immovable object here and conflict and storms can be expected. Sparks may indeed fly but it can just as easily be the sparks of passion too. You LadyBug are generally more sensuous and fond of repose while your partner is more passionate and dynamic - these differences can prove divisive and may lead to misunderstandings.

    When all the dust has cleared and you have sorted yourselves out, the two of you may have a lifelong friendship. Given your stubborn natures, marriage would prove difficult, especially since both of you has a need to rule the roost. Periodic struggles for power can severely disrupt the union and even end it.

  • Oh Yes we have had some epic stand offs over the last 5 yrs. The First and Last time he fixed his mouth to say "where I come from men do as they want women do as they are told" well lets say he has ate those words several times and is still on indeffinate probation. He sees me as no less than his equal and has admitted it openly which has family and associates of his asking if I'm an Angel or the Anti Christ. For which my reply is neither I'm Woman hear me Roar and I'm Taurus don't make me Charge. We have already defined our boundaries and it was rocky here and there over the years but have somehow managed to live together successfully almost 3 years! Go figure. I just don't think marriage is the best way to go cause Men (to be fair I will say in my experience) change they actually think your their property once you take that step. Been there done that not once I was ignorant enough to do it twice. So if marriage is the only way we can stay together I will be single soon. Which is cool cause I dont need to be in a relationship to be happy!! I can curl up every night with a book and my little dog Mayhem and be very content!!

  • Does your dog live up to his name?

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