Angela Peregoff: Now Is Not the Time for the Faint of Heart

  • Angela Peregoff: Now Is Not the Time for the Faint of Heart

    By Rev. Angela Peregoff – October 29, 2012

    The last Monday of October is here and I am pleased to again join your reality! The reconnecting tides of tonight’s full moon are influencing all souls who will be living on planet Earth after 2012. The New particles of Grace, Peace, Wisdom and Light of the next resonant era upon planet Earth are awakening another layer within her field of Life.

    A few souls in my spiritual circle and I will gather privately to conduct a moonrise ceremony to cleanup and complete the old business of our past and to harmoniously launch us into bold new ventures of Soul orientation. The focus of each individual of the human kingdom joyfully stepping into the next beginning will be held intently.

    Performing ceremony and prayer at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean affirms for me that there are always endings – and beginnings – and just as the mighty waves that fortify the vibrations of the sacred, there is a Law of Continuity that sustains life here.

    This Law honors that all places and beings must pass through several states or conditions on their way to becoming something else. It’s the bridge and you and I have been over it many, many times before as we love being part of the re-creation of the Universe.

    Given this truth, now is not the time for the faint of heart. We are collectively committed to a deeper embodiment of The Truth. Our testing journeys through July and August were to demonstrate to the Higher Powers that humanity would be ready now to be gifted with its next highest spiritual expression.

    Because of this recent agreement between us and the Divine you may notice an increase in your heart rate, rhythm and compassion. You will have more experience of surrender in the heart as the resurrection of the Soul is revealed along with its higher will. Once you reach the doorway to the Soul, the process of surrender becomes more peaceful and quiet and simple and joyful.

    Intensified dreams and visions, as well as psychic sensitivity, and creative imagination will also be apparent from now on. These inner revelations will amp the quality of your daily experiences. You will find your inner sense of Source to be the greater place of trust, which will create greater manifestation in the external. There will be more Presence in your life as that which is unfolding comes in more fully. It may seem like an old friend coming home within you.

    You also will find more connection, merging and communication between the male and female aspects of Self – giving and receiving. Much, much balance coming. You are also going to be tweaking your skills of inner silence too, which will prepare you for acute awareness of your intuition and knowing from within. Favorably as well there will be a greater fusion of the mental and emotional as one force working within your consciousness. If you are working on higher levels, you will have this more often and more powerfully. It will become something that is more consistent.

    It will not be a week without trials or tribulations. There are lessons waiting for all of us (especially for those who have been dependent upon the outer as source). World leadership is shifting, duality is morphing, economic transits are unsettling, evolution is in revolution and you are probably going to feel overwhelmed from time to time. Get ready. Take each day as it comes – proceed with caution and self-care when needed. The halo around Earth is being attended by thousands of spiritual masters and All Is Truly Well.

    Let me close by sharing what I have been told over and over again by the guides lately: “more than anything else at this time, be certain to begin each day by being comfortable with yourself as you are, regardless of what you think of your contribution to Gaia (the earth) or to humanity. You are the precious human. Acknowledge that you are an integral part of a changing world and that every thought, intention and action you take matters!

    Change the world as you see fit. Thoughtless problems and solutions are temporary; however, thoughtful problems and solutions are permanent. That is because when you release the cause of the problem consciously, you will not have a need to repeat it or to be intimidated by it. Ask to be part of any solution that interests you, and you become this, grant yourself the wisdom and compassion to share your knowledge with others.”

    As you are empowered so is the entire human kingdom,

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