Please help with my dreams

  • Hello again,

    My name is Stacy, and I'm writing again because I'm still having dreams of my ex Gabriel. I feel like i really need help or someone to talk to, and I really don't know what to do. I don't have the money to go speak to anyone right now, so i hope this is fine. I have been dreaming of my ex alot lately, and it's still bringing me down because for the past few months, I have been trying to get over him and move on, and at one point, i thought i was finally okay, untill these dreams started happeneing. They're usually different. I can really remember 3 dreams. The first dream i remember was last week, i dreamed i was outside the front yard, and I went to hug my mom in the driveway (i has happy) and then all of a sudden, i saw my ex come down the street on his motorcycle going slow, and when he passed me, i started crying while still hugging my mom, I just can't remember if he looked back at me. And that's all I remember. The next dream i had, I was on my computer, like on a chat, or chatroom, talking to someone, then somehow, his name came up, and i saw him (my ex) talking to one of his friends. And I went to say something to him,but didn't. I also, dreamed of him sending me a text out of nowhere,as if he was answering me. And he said that he misses me, and he';s busy with some job and still wants to be, alone, and then something about us getting married one day. That was the dream I had last night. And I've just been thinking about it all day. I'm not sure what to do. I do not talk to him at all, and do not have his number anymore. I feel like, if he wants to get in touch with me, he can. I'm not sure if i should just keep moving on and just try to forget about the dreams. But, no matter what I do, i keep having them. Please help 🙂 Thanks!!

  • All this is because you didn't have proper closure of the relationship. Whoever ended it, you are still hoping Gabriel will return to you. You need to sort out the pros and cons of the relationship to see it in an objective light. Focus on the problems you had and work out how not to repeat them next time. If you need to contact him and ask why he felt it ended, try to do so as it will help you to get closure. Isn't there anyone you know who is in touch with Gabriel - his family, for example? Explain to them you just want closure, not to stalk him or anything.

  • Thanks captain, and I use to talk to his sister, but I don't anymore.

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