Am I reading too much into this?

  • Hi :). I met this incredibly attractive and intriguing Capricorn male a couple of weeks ago. We were at a poetry slam for mutual friends. There was small talk and laughter, all in all, we really hit it off; he even ended up asking if he could sit beside me as the night went on. I played it cool, as did he (his venus is in aquarius). But there was definitely non-verbal flirting. I could feel him staring at me every time i wasn't looking in his direction. His body language said that he was interested (touching my leg with his and leaning into me during laughing fits). Alas, he never asked for my number, but gave me a very sensual hug when the night ended. Needless to say, I went home with a major crush.

    Fast Forward....

    The next night he went out with my sister and a few other people. When my sister got home, she said he asked about me and said that it was "too bad" that I didn't come. One of his friends even, secretly, told her that he was extremely disappointed that I stayed home. I, of course, was elated and smitten. I'm a real sucker (venus in leo :p).

    We're now friends on FaceBook and I, in true leo fashion, sent him a message subtly letting him know that i thought he was really cool and that i'd like to begin a friendship. He replied, saying that he enjoyed the small talk and a friendship is absolutely fine.

    To make a longer story, shorter...

    I'd like to know what, if anything at all, does he think of our situation. Has he given me much thought? I know he does things a lot differently than me because of our opposite love signs, but I can't help but to be really captivated by the guy and would love to know if any energy spent thinking of him will be wasted energy.

    In case they're needed: My BD (9/5/85)

    His BD (12/28/87)

    Thanks in advance!!

  • If you two territorial and possessive animals 🙂 can contain any fights over space and ownership, you should get on very well here. The signs are for a trusting and respectful relationship. But controlling attitudes over shared property, people, and possessions will have to be watched. A love affair would go more smoothly than a marriage where property can become a point of contention. Your matchup is quite sensual and may prove a solid basis of your relationship. Just watch out for the concerns previously mentioned.

  • Thanks Captain, you always give the goods :). Do you think I was right about him flirting? He's really hard to read and I am sooo not used to the "detached" aquarius type. Also, there's an ex he's still kind of friends with. He decided a couple of months ago that they're just not going to be good together. I think she may still like him, though. Is there anything you can tell me about that situation?

    Thank you so much!

  • His ex is clinging to the relationship more than he is. He doesn't know how to 'detach' her without hurting her more.

    Oh and yes he was flirting.

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