Card 3- Nine of Swords...?

  • Hello Everyone,

    Well, I just finished my first own reading and it went pretty good. I think I understand what was being put forth, but I'm uncertain about the nine of swords....

    My question was in regards to my fertility. I used The Celtic Cross, with my selected card that represents my question was the Empress.

    Card 1 - THE DEVIL

    General influences affecting the question at hand.

    Without an active negative force there would be nothing to strive against. A chance to progress.

    Myself, even before doing this reading I knew why conception is taking it's time for me. And, this is good with me: I have chosen this path for the sake of personal growth.

    Card 2 - FIVE OF CUPS

    Material concerns or obstacles that may be in the way of an answer.

    Do I refuse to see the cups behind me still full of promise.

    I think there remains a small part of me that questions my faith on the subject of my fertility.

    Card 3 - NINE OF SWORDS

    The inner strengths that assist the answer.

    Here I am somewhat lost...ultimate achievement, misfortune...

    Card 4 - THE LOVERS

    Past experiences that may help with the answer.

    Challenge my unifying opposing forces within myself and thus create a new harmonious whole.


    Hopes and aspirations connected with the answer.

    Luck expected within a short time.

    Ask myself - "Why is that I remain on the wheel with my destiny left to fate?"


    Future experience that may help further understanding.

    The one good, begin of things, a creative beginning, birth in family

    Naturally, pulling up the last two cards have made me happy. But, with the nine of swords and

    lovers I need a little assistance.


  • Hi cosmicjungle-

    the nine of swords is placed in your general atmosphere position and it represents the fact that you are sleepless and consumed over this matter. It is the stresss you experience.

    One question for you if you did the celtic cross why do you only have 6 cards instead of 10?

    Card 4 is distant past- so the lovers card is not so essential in your reading.- represent choices you had in your past.

    Anyway you seem to be missing 4 other cards- without them it is hard to get a complete and accurate reading.

  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, the sleepless and consumed makes sense for sure. As for the lovers, I also felt it wasn't crucial to my reading.

    I got the 6 card Celtic Cross instruction from - Understanding the Tarot: The Truth Seeker's Guide

    By David Fontana

    I will definitely orientate myself with the 10 card version. Thanks again for your advice : D

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