• HI all,

    I'm looking at getting some of my poetry published, and to that end, I messaged an Editor contact I was tentatively working with three years ago. He has agreed to look over my manuscript and let me know what's involved and what his fees would be.

    I don't have the money to do this, but felt a need to start.

    I'm wondering if I can trust this man to help me, and if this is the right time for me to be doing this? Where I'll get the money from is no-one's guess, but I've heard of folk doing the exact same thing with a dream of theirs and money strangely materialising.

    I am asking for some sort of guidance here, and if anyone picks up anything about this Editor, and about the chances of publication for me. Plus of course, whether or not I'll get the money I need to do this.

    Thanks so much!



  • Hmm, wouldn't they be paying YOU for publishing your material? You should get an advance, and then start making more once the book is published. You shouldn't have to pay their fees upfront - it should be part of your contract that the publishers get their share out of what the book sales make. I would send your book out to other publishers.

    I do feel you will be published within a year. Just be careful who you go with and what you sign.

  • Thanks Captain! What I didn't specify was that I'm going through an editor first, who has said his fees for editing and fine-tuning will depend on the scope of the work. After that, then we look at publishing. And yes, I've heard that reputable publishers generally don't ask for up front payment, so I'll have to ask how the publishing process works in his set up. He doesn't do both; just editing.

    I'm worried because I don't have the money up front for any of this, but got the urge to start the ball rolling 🙂

    Within a year ay? Now that's a dream I've had, which I've put off due to personal difficulties for far too long. That gives me some hope!


  • And I don't even know how the fee structure should work at the editing stage either, so don't know if he's going to ask for up front payment or what's going to happen ... I'd say not if memory serves when I was working with him three years ago (which he never charged me a cent for, but was of immense help in the learning process, which is why I've gone to him this time).

  • I have sent off my manuscript to the Editor contact I mentioned. He has received it, and will be in touch throughout the following weeks once he's looked over it. To say I'm a little anxious about this is an understatement, considering my financial situation. And yes, publishing is not done on an upfront fee basis, unless it's that vanity thing, or some others I've come across on writing Sites I'm a member of. As for editing, I know very, very little about this process and its financial structuring. Hence my anxiety, yet need to do this just the same.

  • You can send your work around to publishers without an agent or manuscript editing service. Just look up the publishing companies' websites to see what their requirements are. Some still accept unsolicited manuscripts.

    Actually now the self-publishing sites are becoming more and more creditable and several successful writers have gotten their start there. Also there are critique groups on the web such as 'critique circle' where fellow authors will critique your work for free and give some helpful tips.

  • That could be an option. I have been drawn back to this person though, because he was good to me way back, and an amazing help. However, once publishing is an option, I'll probably look around at some of these self-publishing sites, as I'm seeing more and more of them. I hadn't thought of the option of unsolicited manuscripts either, which is a pity 😞

    Guess I'll have to undergo the process and see what happens. I think I'm still a bit scared to go it alone on this one, which is maybe why I've gone to Fraser - a sort of "protection" thing! But nothing is carved in stone, and I can choose which way I go.

    Thanks again Swatted!

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