Dear Astra

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    How have you been?

    Sorry to bother you yet I would greatly appreciate when you have the time to do a reading for me.

    If you can please an in-depth one for the coming year starting today 18-11-12 which is/was my birthday.

    I have had some (positive) changes in my life and I would like to have an indication of what else I can expect. The previous readings you did for me crystallized partially as unexpected events managed to alter a few things.

    I really hope you don't mind me bothering you after so long.

    Thank you in advance, Flow

  • Hi Flow

    I am going through my usual soul-searching stuff about the validity of these "readings". Do they help at all? I am not sure they do... I like giving them though, so I can't figure it out. I don't want to be giving out 'information' that is not going to make any difference, seems a waste of time to me.

    I dunno... I am really out in limbo right now... however let me try to do this once again for you and you tell me if it makes sense? Does it help? How does it help? You find comfort in knowing what life has for you? How in the world does that help?

    Anyway, here you go... by month...

    1. 8 pentacles - so this is a work-centerted month. Busy, focused on your job or career I guess,

    2. Then the next 3 months bring a series of cups, so it seems an emotional time for you. 7 of cups, some dreamy emotions, love, something in a relationship maybe you are wondering about.

    3. 8 cups - this becomes intense enough that you are willing to move, or take it further,

    4. King of Cups. Could be related to a king type person emotionally, someone who factors large in your life emotionally. Could just be you. Kings are genertally kind of settled energies not doing much. So it could be that by month 4 you are settled emotionally finaly in this matter that began in month 2.

    5. Then the 8 wands. So all of a sudden the shift in focus is back to your path/role... could be connected to that king figure, like I wish I could take that and move it into this path... sort of thing... and then month

    6. Queen of Wands. Ah so here is the Queen for the King we saw, So it does seem like a relationship is trying to be developed here? Strong shared path between the two. 8 wands is very active, so there is some real push to get this going.

    7. Then the Page of wands, so u see the sequence, King wands Queen wands - and the page is totally wanting to take some steps, around this emotional (relartionship? Is it a relationship, seems like it wants to be).

    8. Then the 7 pentacles. so it is now at a rest. There was some intense effort there to get it going and something happens that puts all on pause for some reason. Could be a mini breakup at this point. Pondering...

    9. Then the 10 of wands! Holy cow all of a sudden it is like Katie bar the door and you are back on this path thing in emotions cuz

    10 in month 10 there is Queen of cups - so you change your colors by this point. From cool and debonaire to tearing up at anything... could be love... could be what you had for dinner the previous night.

    11. Then a 10 swords - oh no! Just shows you digging into something with your head, could be something went wrong in relationship "X" and you are trying to figure it all out here...


    12 Ace of Wands - which is all of a sudden back to path again and it is centered,

    The general sense I have is you are working through something emotional for a good part of the year, because for you to get to your TRUE PATH in life you have to solve this "thing" with this "king" dude whoever that is, and then that releases u to settle into a path. Its something emotional that was pulling you into a path and I would say that you are resisting it... and then it is sliced and diced and you finally discover "IT" this new path that you are wanting by month 12.

    There... what do you think? Help? No? I am clueless about it... maybe it helps girls more than guys. Maybe I am a girl. I dunno what I am. Lost in space.



  • Excuse me... month 6 is the Queen of Swords, not the Queen Wands.

    So a cool-headed lady huh? Figures... I know a Queen of Swords, and they are cool as velvet and twice as nice... black velvet... like midnight. Is that how you see yourself Flow? Midnight... the moon rising, a field, sorta off in your world of mystery wonderment?

    That is how you always seemed to me... off in your own fantasy land, you were writing about them too...

    so Flow, could be something in writing, coming up for you? You like to write... and you can also get emotional easily. That is the Queen of Swords... she keeps it all cool as silk scarves on the outside... for the longest time... and then all of a sudden she remembers... sees... she feels something she thought was gone... and then she becomes...

    the Queen of Cups. So the next 12 months see you make an important journey from the Queen of Steel, back to your true colors, warmth and cozy and

    baking cookies at mid day, instead of burning candles at midnight.

    I hope that is of some use Flow... I go off into weird places with these "readings" or whatever they are... you take it easy I am still trying to sort things out...

    love and light


  • Dear Astra,

    Thank you for taking the time to do this “reading”.

    I gave some thought to what you said about giving out information that isn’t going to make any difference. I agree and understand fully. I think it depends on what is asked and when answered if the received information is fully understood.

    Last time you did it for me did make sense and I also believe it has to do with the energy that you (me/I) give out and what you pick up and connect the dots with.

    Okay here goes.

    I will go by the numbers you posted. Assuming that by starting by 1 you mean November...etc.

    1. 8 pentacles. The work-centred month in my case is leaning more to the finance than the actual work since I am once again at a crossroad as in what to do. Economy is just as bad here as in the entire world. I think what you picked up is the fact that I am heading to Christmas season and I always get into a how do I swing all I have to do mood.

    2. Cups! Emotional time for me. Yes I can see that manifesting itself. At the moment it is emotional yet it has to do with some memories of the past that I unwillingly am rehashing and giving it a place. So it might take up a few more months than I anticipated. As for the 7 of Cups...who knows...relationships you have in different levels.

    3. 8 cups. I already moved house and I don’t see myself moving in that way. So taking it further would sooth me better. I would say about

    4. I agree.

    5. Ahhh yeah. I am a person that continuously mould. So if I don’t get through now ...I will leave it alone and get back to it when the “flow” feels right. Sometimes I can control that and often enough I do be lead by events. So yes I recognize that.

    6. Hmm relationship. I think normally I would be inclined to think at the sound of the word relationship that it would be of the romantic nature yet it could be of any nature. This makes me be more receptive of others energy into developing something positive for the future. Now I am curious of what nature the relationship will be.

    (Just saw your correction. I had to smile....yeah...I can be pretty cool especially when it comes to the matters of my emotions. They run deep yet it doesn’t mean that I will turn into a mad woman at all time and/or cost. Midnight....I will take that. 🙂

    A person needs to have a healthy fantasy world from time to time otherwise with all that goes on just makes you bitter. I am a realist yet I like to paint the reality with a shiny gloss when needed. I learned to do things to make my soul happy no matter how small it is. Because no one else is going to do it for me.)

    7. So they (King, Queen & Page) are ganging up. 🙂 Ok.

    8. Hmmm....sound like my song is still being played. This is what I meant earlier.

    9. Ugh. This path...I am getting a better picture of it. Bumpy one isn’t it?

    10. You’re funny. What I had for dinner?!?....that’s possible...hahahaha.

    11. AGAIN figuring things out. Life time hobby!

    12. Ok.

    You conclusion is not totally off in my case. I have discovered new things about myself this past year and they all are on different paths. Yet they meet in the middle because it’s all about me. It’s true that I need to resolve things with this “king” for different reasons and not only for the “relationship” sake but also for my spiritual needs.

    I have resisted because I need to “see” my way clear or at least “feel” my way in this matter up to now that hasn’t been the case. So I decided not to squander energy and focus on other aspects of my life until due time. It seems that the coming months would be the time to address this in full.

    You asked if this helps. To me...yes. And I don’t think its gender related. I asked for a reading because I do be so busy with all sorts I do forget myself in the mix of things and neglect what truly matters. I think those tendencies come from the rest of my astrological chart.

    How does it help? By outlining what I need to focus upon. Not madly yet still give it the platform it needs whenever that time arrives.

    Does it give comfort you asked? Up to a certain point. I think the amount it weighs depends upon how my own emotional state is at that moment. Like now I am emotionally “balanced” so I can take this in a rational way yet if I was in the middle of this journey I would be more sensitive to every word.

    How in the world does it help? Honestly I couldn’t give you a crystal clear answer upon that one. Because I think it’s a matter of choice and acceptance. The choice is to ask for a reading and the acceptance in taking on board what is shared with you. Only then it truly helps having an inside outlook on matters that can come. I also think it has to do with the messenger. If it “clicks” between the two of you. For me you proved to be reasonably accurate yet in my case time line fluctuates. It’s not your fault because 2 years ago I also encountered a palm reader while shopping (yeah I know it was odd). This gentleman was drawn to my energy and came up to me and on the spot gave me a reading. He shared some information with me and gave me a timeline and of course it didn’t played out as he said when he said it would. He wanted to read my palm yet I didn’t want to go that far in knowing. General yes...specifics no.

    Last time I asked a reading I was focussed on my career and I was in a panic situation since one door closed. At the time it was fresh and I gave wrongfully the ones that closed it much more power than they deserved. Yet by asking you if that path was something that came to full halt you said no and boy you were right. Other bigger and better doors opened up and I have experienced and learned so much more about myself. All I can say that what you shared on information didn’t followed up in the same time frame yet they manifested. Some altered because unexpected elements will always exist. I learned to believe in myself a bit more and in my talents especially to trust my gut a bit more than I usually do.

    I asked you for an in-depth reading to see what would happen on all areas of my life yet is seems my emotional journey is the main ingredient the year to come. So be it.

    So Astra don’t be lost in space. Even though the idea of floating like that sounds like something I would like to try one day...hahaha. I understand your quest and I don’t know exactly how you are soul-searching yet maybe you can analyse how you feel when you do each reading. How your emotional energy is at that moment. What level of satisfaction you get of what is revealed to you. Perhaps limiting the amount you do would give you a better balanced feeling and if the person you this for gives you feedback would help with the validation. I think your ability to elaborate in what the cards say to you is a gift. And if they take you into “weird” places is what makes it unique about you.

    As everything ...if it becomes too much ...just let it rest until you think you want to do it again. You are not obligated.

    I appreciate you giving it a go for me.

    Blessings, Flow

  • Dear Flow

    Hey thank you so much for sharing and elaborating on what I was giving out... I think that really, really helps me and seems to help me connect the dots between what I am doing here *with tarot, psychology or whatever) and others. What may be happening is that in many cases I am going to lot of effort (=time=value I hope for someone) and I sometimes miss the feedback part, and that seems to be as much a part of the reading process as ever.

    What seems often the case is that someone will ask for a reading, expecting maybe little more than a yes-no... but then I start drawing cards and seeing things and I just can't stop! I get a lot of enjoyment in looking at the cards and trying to put a story together... so then I do that, and I am looking for that "feedback" that relates back to the cards. THen as long as we stay looking at cards - and not get off track on other emotional concerns... then we stay balanced.

    The analysis of the Tarot cards meanings for a person (or any cards really) is the crux of the matter - not how I feel, sense, believe or think about the question. Do you see what I mean? It is like, we simply should keep coming back to the cards for guidance, and a anchor for the discussion/readings... then everything stays nice and helpful. I tend often to veer off into humor or drama skits to try and inject some laughter into situations that are not always pleasant. So I look for my balance there.

    My repeated "issues" with the readings (and the occult in general) probably have more to do with my religious upbringing where theses things were wrong somehow. So it takes some time to rinse yourself free of all that. Whew! It is a path for sure...

    So, we should be able to relate back to these cards as your year goes by if you like. I appreciate your taking the time to reply and provide excellent feedback for me. I do wish one day I could be a helpful "reader" for others, and that it really helps... not just bat the air about to pass time... although I am okay with that too sometimes!

    Blessings Flow, I hope your holidays are wonderful!

    (That 8 of Pentacles for your month you are now entering seems to really say very nice things for you developing in your physical world.)


  • Dear Astra,

    I started answering you the other day yet I noticed that I was channelling al lot of my own energy to your response and probably would have been a bit too blunt.

    Yet I wanted to say you are very welcome. I figured going through it piece by piece that would make more sense.

    I believe readings in whatever form has to do with energy. Some people are able to feel it better than others. And like you if a person is gifted in readings can pick up/tune in correctly to what is out there. I don’t agree when I can read the “messengers” personality in what is shared. Understand what I mean?

    Now you dismissed my comment about what you feel during a session. You shouldn’t because I have consciously kept my question in a general way. I don’t engage often into specific area of my life. And for you to tune into my emotional journey says something. So in a way I have challenged you. Last time I did asked specifics and that was career wise even then you picked up other aspects.

    Yet honestly I think you should try to not to go to great lengths to explain what you see in the cards. I have seen you do that and to me that other person is not going to grasp what you share because your message is so broad that they get partially overwhelmed and that for them everything is answered so they think a feedback is not in order. And there you miss out on the analysis.

    As I said before your way of injecting humour or drama skits is what makes you unique. And I think your ability to “soften” the blow should stay in place....just don’t run wild. 😉

    I remember you going through your transition from your religious upbringing to where you are now in life. It’s a path indeed. In my family religion is also number one. I too have been on that path and I figured out what works for me. I hope you do one day too.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We don’t have it here in Europe yet I wouldn’t mind then it would make people more aware of their actions toward their loved ones and others around them.

    And are a helpful reader...just need some fine-tuning. 😉



  • Dear Astra,

    Wishing you a blessed and happy Christmas from my home to yours.


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