Dream confirmation!

  • Hi All ~ I was dreaming of a house that had a daylight basement below. Full of windows & sliding glass doors. I was with my baby then toddler (you know how in dreams it does that). The bedrooms are upstairs so I check all the doors & windows to make sure they are locked up at night. I wake up in the morning & every window & door is wide open. I check them on the second day & I know for a fact I closed & locked them - "Wide Open" - again everyone of them. This will be fun if someone tells me their thoughts & then I will tell you a story about the wide open. Love & Blessings ~D

  • D,

    In my dream book it says if you dream of a basement

    This is where you keep your most secret fears , or those parts of you that are still hidden or undeveloped .


    Windows are about your view or perspective on what is going on around you .Opening a window reflects your wish to let other people come into your life or influence you in some way .. A window in the basement is looking at your primal self and therefore you're exploring you emotions about an issue .

    I hope this helps in someway

    love loap:)

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