Trust issues with this site

  • Here I was ready to spend money for Tarology report. However being the Taurus I am willing but cautious, imagine my surprise when I had a question that was'nt covered in the FAQ's and clicked the contact us button and Nothing. By Nothing I mean does'nt exist!! So where did I end up you ask? To another page with a link back to services they offer!! The only reason I took the time to post this is also like a True Taurus I'm nothing but fair!! So if you want me to return and more importantly refer all my friends I expect an Adminstrator to email me directly. I will give you 72hrs if no response I will unsubscribe and tell everyone I know to avoid your site.

  • LadyBug, in these forums, it is mostly members and not admin who come here. The answers given here by non-admin readers are free and no one is associated with the organization itself. I feel this forum is now the only place on the website that is free from commercialism and as such, may not last for much longer. So if you have a complaint, the only way I know to contact admin is at so you might try that address. But the site has changed radically lately and none of us like the new product-pushing attitude it has adopted.

  • And I am a Taurus too! 🙂

  • Captain, Thank You for the eloquent and articulate response to my post. How refreshing to meet someone with the intelligence and understanding way you handled for lack of a better term this Raging Bull!! Please know this I'm not without a sense of humor especially when it comes to my own behavior. And Captain as I'm posting this I'm laughing at myself so hard I could pee my pants! Although new to the site and the inner workings of such I was not aware of that and was expecting a different response entirely! I had came back to post a retraction. I went back to the email that sparked this powder keg and at the very bottom where I never go in any email there was the contact info I was looking for. I then got my issue resolved. But not before I told a very eager to help soul they need to fix the issue with contact us link.

  • Nice to meet you Captain the Taurus. Very nice to meet up with a like minded Taurus such as yourself. Sure was the easiest crow I have ever had to eat thanks to you!!

  • Hello All, would the forum cease to exist if it no longer had it's home on It certainly is an invaluable resource.

  • Welcome to you LadyBug. As I know we Taureans do, your sense of humour overcame your bullheadedness in short order. I'm quite sure we drive other star signs crazy! 🙂 But it is our great survival mechanism.

  • And I think perhaps yes, Greenshoots that if wanted to close down or close this forum, it would cease to exist, which would be a terrible loss as I have made good friends here.

  • Yes Captain speaking for myself I most certainly challenge all other star signs and it really is great to have someone who understands that!! I really like this site cause I find so much information about astrology in a one stop shop so to speak. So Im really glad Ive learned to like the taste of my own foot cause its so much easier when you got a habit as bad as I do for opening mouth and inserting it!

  • I must agree with TheCaptain, Greenshoots cause I count myself blessed to have made a new friend in TheCaptain today and no matter what our feelings about the site are the forum is as TheCaptain told me, for us, to meet and help each other and I too am very grateful for it being available!!

  • The Captain has helped so many people selflessly on this site, that she seems a fairly star representative for the sign:) I hope these forums stay

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