Mini-Energy Update: Be Just as Your Are

  • a message from Meredith Murphy

    Hello Lovely One,

    Lying on my bed just now I wanted so much to just telepathically share with I've sent this message both ways. Receive and read as you feel inclined. 🙂 This is just a short note to comment on the current energies and the upcoming alignments.

    Big shifts are underway, and we're approaching the Cross Quarter Day, the mid-point between the September Equinox and the long-heralded December Solstice--November 6th. We also have a full moon on Monday, and this full moon is in Taurus, which makes it a highly physical time. Observations about this Full Moon speak of having lots of energy and getting things done--particularly things you care about deeply. While approaching this, remember the ease and benefit of taking things small step by small step, and allowing things to accumulate through persistence into form.

    For me, as for many, all this talk of doing is outrageously funny! I am so tired these days I cannot lie down often enough. Many of us are feeling the bone-deep weary of being on the other shore, taking off the pack, begin done, really. Of completing, remembering, letting go and resolving so much we're now really in essence, home. Although this space exists quite really, it's still coming forth form wise. So we rest in an etheric space, stretched out on the bridge as it becomes increasingly solid. In this state there are all kinds of extreme nutritional cravings in an effort to balance and ground and stay connected amidst these many energetic layers intermingling and continually evolving and shifting. And yes, even more needs for sleep as we ground and allow ourselves to both sink in and help to hold the territory open for energy to flood in. So in fact, despite being very tired and feeling finished, there are also in this state of being, more energetic demands. As you claim new states of peace and wholeness, you in essence hold that energetic space as it fills up and grounds fully, expanding the frontier of existence here and aiding in the manifestation of the new, higher dimensional expression of Earth.

    It's good in these moments to smile often. To truly surrender to your body's wisdom. It's an honor to be here and doing this, and yes...! WOW is it tiring. As we so often remind one another, trust what's happening, follow your inner wisdom and know that is exactly ALL you need be. Radiantly at peace, be just as you are--in self-unity. Realize how beautiful you are and how much you are doing on so may levels. If you feel irritated, frustrated or impatient with your own being, try to enlarge the personality perspective, to leave duality behind more and more and rest in the knowing of your own perfection and beauty.

    Life is so very beautiful!

    As you enjoy this precious, simple dance, claim your deepest knowing of what you're creating.

    May all beings know the blessings of this true reality.

    Love to you,


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