Need reading about old friend

  • HI

    A former friend of mine are now moving back to the city I live with, I have been friends with people I met through her for almost a year now, I just wanna know if things will change when she moves back or stay the same as they are now?

  • Yes, things will change - they will get better.

  • How do you mean they will get better? She has caused so much drama and trouble, my friends don´t even talk to her anymore but I am trying to stay neutral and not get involved, I don´t wanna loose my friends, they are like my sisters I never had

    One more thing, can you see if I will have my own company in a few years time? I will go to college first

  • I feel your friend has changed for the better and is sorry for the trouble she has caused. Give her a chance to be different.

    I feel it will be longer than a few years before you have your own company - and by then I feel your goals will have changed.

  • Ok thanks for the help, can I ask just two more things since I got you here?

    Will me and B become a couple when I move to LA?

    Will I reach my goal as a makeup artist or will this to have changed? I don´t know where I am heading right now, I always been so sure that makeup artist and stylist is my calling and I want to be my own

  • On the road you are on now the answers to your questions are

    1. Not as you might wish, the connection will not be strong.

    2. Yes but the work might not be there for you. It's a very competitive industry and a lot of it depends on who you know there

    However the future changes as you change. So ask for a reading when you get to LA.

  • Will I get a better connection with T?

  • Yes and no, maybe not the connection you want.

  • What do you mean by that?

  • That the direction you want the relationship to take may not eventuate.

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