Shuabby or anyone please reading

  • I recently started a job two weeks ago. I really don't like this job. Every time I go in I just find it that I have to drag myself and also my coworkers make comments that they don't want me there when I haven't done anything to them. I just do what I have to do and leave afterwards. Also my boss makes rude comments at me for no reason I haven't done anything for her to treat me the way she does. I just don't know what to do I feel so like I really want to quit this job. What should I do? Will I find a better job soon which I will like because this job is making me depressed and stressed out.

  • Hi dfrance,

    Last time we spoke, you had mentioned this wasn't your dream job. I guess we found out who the woman was...

    Here is a reading,

    I feel a fear of change

    a domineering woman is affecting you

    and your doubting yourself.... causing a lack of feeling ...i get the feeling of the blahs...

    your worried about things not working out

    it seems a nice guy just popped up or you ran into recently

    to your question something good is going to happen

    there is going to be a little sadness in your affections

    deep down you know you have calmness, the ability to work with others

    i see loneliness with a friend

    There's another women who is smart...but be careful in trusting her...she is not here yet.. again someone to look out for.

    your heart will go out to someone... you will be very attracted too

    Don't worry about change, I would say keep looking and it will come. I'm guessing the domineering woman is your boss. Don't let her get to you, know who you are and try to make the best of it... until you change it.

    Things will work out, but you may have a few stub of the toes before you get there.

    Hope that helped,


  • Hi tarot nick thanks for the reading. There are times in this job that I just feel like running out. I don't know if I will have the patience to stay any longer. Also you mentioned me running into a guy recently I haven't run into any guy yet that I am attracted to maybe soon will.

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