• Hello ALL :

    Im asking that everyone all over the WORLD that shares tarot . com forums to please pray for us all on the EAST COAST OF THE UNITED STATES.

    I live in Baltimore, MD and my son is developmentally disable and lives in Bowie, MD. Please send reiki and prayers of blessings to our state of Maryland which includes, Baltimore & Washington Dc and also to New Jersey, New York, and Delaware, ALL of these states are in an issued STATE OF EMERGENCY CRISIS declared by our President Obama........thank you all and may GOD BLESS US ALL.

    thanks again for your blessings of prayer,


  • K.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sending prayers for everyone 🙂

  • I am already sending to that area, my sister used to live in Bowie and now lives in Rockville. Haven't heard how's she doing there.

    I live over 300 miles from the coast. We have had winds since Sunday, our own weather system clashing and backlashing with the Hurricane. This morning we have sleet, rain, and snow and more wind.

  • Sending prayers

  • I got an email from my sister in Rockville, the worst is gone and now just raining. She didn't lose power, so all's good.

    Got a call from my other sister in the mountains of Virginia. Snowing like crazy, expecting about a foot of the stuff between now and tomorrow night. She said they already have half of it this morning.

    The wind here (in NC) has finally died down and just drizzling rain.

  • Thanks to all and many blessings to you for praying for us on the east coast. Yess. this storm was a deadly one and Maryland was blessed from turmoil. I myself did have gas & electric but no cable so i was son too was safe & blessed as well....Unfortunately our neighboring states of New Jersey & New York cities suffered the prayers are truly with them as I have family too in New Jersey that have some misfortunes still to this day with no electricity in Newark neighborhoods.....please continue to pray for our nation as a whole for we are in great need.

    blessings to you,


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