• Hi, i was going to go on a date with this Pisces guy R after he was bugging my sister to set us up. In the meantime he was texting me "i want us to meet', "lets go out" etc. So i said ok. On the day we were supposed to meet he sent a text saying he was not feeling ok and he couldn't take me out. And that was it. I didn't hear from him again and that was almost a week ago. I texted him asking if he was ok, no response. It's just weird. Oh and i know that he single or was until a week ago. I don't understand pls help. Thank u

  • Sounds like hes just an emotionally immature guy. i had a guy doing that to me for awhile calling

    and txting me all the time. wed make plans n hed break them. after the third time i just stopped responding to him. people (not jusf men) play games just tk see how much they can get away with.

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