The Power is in Realization

  • a message from Jennifer Hoffman

    At times it feels like I’m inching forward on this journey when I really want to take it in leaps and bounds. There are times when I find myself asking the question ‘Haven’t I learned this yet?’ and then I have to laugh because I realize the purpose of that experience and then everything falls into place. Although it seems like the farther we get on our spiritual path the harder and more complicated things become as we try to fit all of the pieces together, the truth is the journey is easier and faster when we simplify, ask and receive. The power is in realizing that this is how powerful and connected we really are. Sometimes we try so hard that we make the process much more difficult than it really is.

    I have had several interesting manifestation experiences lately and what I wanted literally appeared in front of me at the moment I decided that I was going find what I was looking for. First, I had to realize that what I wanted was right in front of my spiritual or energetic eyes, and then open my physical eyes and see it. In all cases, it was not only in front of me, I literally ran right into it. Had it always been there and I hadn’t seen it before? Was I so busy looking for it that I didn’t see it? What if the key to manifesting anything was to realize that it is already in front of us and then opening our physical eyes widely enough to see it?

    The power of manifestation is in the realization but that process happens before, and not after the fact. I believe that we connect to something energetically and then we see it, not the other way around. We’re so accustomed to believing that it is there when we see it and now we have to shift our thinking to create the belief first, so we can see. The process moves from the energetic realm to the physical, not the other way around. This is part of our new multi-dimensional paradigm. When we work in multiple dimensions and on higher energetic levels, our relationship with the third dimension changes and that includes how we create our reality. ‘Seeing is believing’ is a past-based reality; believing so we can see it is intentional manifestation.

    What if what we want to see isn’t there (yet)? The fact that we want to see it means that we have already connected with it energetically, now we have to allow our physical eyes to open and see it. Does realization happen when we have physical proof or an energetic connection? If we are in 3D it’s in the physical but in higher dimensions, we set the energy with our intention and that allows it to manifest in the physical. Are you ready for instant manifestation and miraculous creation (this isn’t ‘magic’, miracles are a shift in energy)? When you are completely energetically aligned with what you want to create, the realization will be the starting point and the manifestation will happen just as you intended.

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