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  • I saw him throwing out blue chairs in the garbage. lots of blue chairs.

    can someone tell me what could this mean ?

    I thought this would probably mean that he is not sitting around for me any more.. as a sign of letting go.

    any other suggestion or interpretation ?

    thank you all !

  • This is not about what he is actually doing, but what YOU think he is doing. Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquility, clarity, and openness. But it can also represent sadness - as in this case.

    Chairs in dreams are often about where we consider our place in life is.

    You feel he is throwing you out onto the rubbish heap, that he is finished with you, and that makes you very sad. But that is only your interpretation - why do you see yourself as someone's unwanted garbage? You need a positive attitude change.

  • Thank You Captain !

    I believed that in dreams we are our higher self and It is hard to control how you feel in it. Whatever my will is to value or not in the waking life, it's hard to impose this in a dream situation. I have for a some time understand that the dreams are about telling me how to change for better in the waking life, and I have been acting much better and different in the waking after all. they have helped me lately in healing so much. it feels like all the pain I leave it in there when i wake up !

    So you are def. right that I need to change this perception too !

    have a great day !!

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