Die To Be Reborn

  • My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    As many of you approach your Halloween holiday we would like you to take a minute to celebrate the many deaths you have experienced inside of yourselves this year. We're no talking about the deaths of those you love, butt rather the deaths of those habits and patterns of thought that no longer serve you. It is cause to celebrate when these "little deaths" occur, for as you left go of that which does not serve you, you allow your true self to be birthed into greater life.

    Death walks hand in hand with birth. When you die unto the physical body, you are born into a more glorious and beautiful reality. When a habit that does not serve your joy dies within you, new patterns of behavior are born which bring greater light into your life.

    Let us take a very simple example. Suppose you have had a long day. You are hungry, and at long last you have the opportunity to sit down to eat your dinner. As you do so, the phone rings and you see that it is someone who calls you often to share their grievances. In this moment, you have a choice. "What will live and what will die within you?" Will the habit of jumping up the minute someone wants you to do so, live? Or will the archetypal martyr within you lay down and die in order to give birth to a more honest, loving, and guided reality? Will you resurrect guilt, pick up the phone, and allow your dinner to grow cold while your resentments heat up, or will you allow the guilt to die so a truth can be born that serves both you and this other? For in reality by you allowing the old patterns to die, you bring not only new life to yourself, but also new life to the other. In this examples the person calling may have to find a strength within themselves they did not know they had, or they may have to face their own feelings rather than dissipating them through complaints. This may seem, like a small example, but your lives are made up of thousands of such small moments, and in each moment you have a choice. In each movement you can die to the the patterns that no longer serve you and give birth to the truth. You can resurrect your old unhappy programming, or you can bring life to the light of God's love within you.

    So, dears ones, celebrate the many things within you that have died this year, and ponder what has come to life within you in their place. Death has a negative connotation on your planet, but indeed in the heavens, we know that all deaths, be they death of the body, or death of an errant belief, are always and forevermore accompanied by glorious new life.

    God bless you. We love you so very much.

    –– The Angels

    Message From Ann

    I have had many "little deaths" in my own life this year. I have had to give up the need to "save and fix" others in order to more deeply live an authentic life and accomplish the projects I am being called to do. I have had to search my heart and allow any self-deprecating patterns to die so I could truly share a powerful and spiritual understanding of self love in my classes. In have had to let go of being in control as my house went through trials in order for it to be birthed into a better reality. I have had to die to many of my expectations as to how life "should" look in a given moment and learn to live with how "it does" in order to make room for God's miracles. And truly, new joy, new life, and new inspiration has resulted.

    I recently talked to a beautiful client who said she had to let her resistance to her calling die in order to allow her spirit to be birthed into joy. She had been a caretaker her whole life, and resisted it, but when she started applying her skills in areas where she was appreciated, she loved it. Her calling had never been wrong. I know another woman who resisted being a mother because she felt she was meant for “more" but when the old programmed belief within her died, and she surrendered to enjoying motherhood, the "more" that she was seeking was found within the life she already lived.

    There are so many little deaths in our lives. My beloved camera just died, during peak picture season, and I had to die unto my irritation in order to see the blessing in disguise. I've been thinking about new ones anyway, so God is just giving me a push, and I've got plenty of stock photos from past years. Even the old way of doing this newsletter has died. Mondays have been so busy lately that I was having a hard time making time to sit, clear my head, and channel, I asked the angels to help me find a better way. They suggested I grab the computer immediately upon awakening and channel the newsletter while my mind was still clear. This is working fabulously and I love the contact wit h the angels first thing in the morning. My old habit of “hitting the ground running” had to die so witing this newsletter could be birthed into a new, more joyful reality.

    So if something isn,t working well in your life, be it a thing, a situation, or a relationship first sit down and ask, "What within me needs to die, so I can be born into greater love, joy, ease, grace, and truth." Focus within yourself first! It is all too tempting to focus on the external world, but we have far greater power over the deaths and rebirths within. .

    Have a beautiful week!

    Love and hugs,


    Ps - Too funny, as I was typing the last sentence my dog woke up running for the door. That is one interruption I can't ignore! So I let her out and saw a gazillion other things that needed attention on the way. Here was a choice... Let my old habit of allowing all the to-do's interrupt what I wanted to focus upon, or let that habit die and finish the newsletter? The newsletter is joyfully getting finished and the rest will get done later!

    Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers, www.VisionsofHeaven.com

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