Where is the money ?

  • Hi all ,

    Some money has gone missing from my dressing table a fifty dollar note , i was wondering if anyone could use their psychic powers to tell me where it is or what happened to it ? I woud be grateful for anyones insight

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Hope you find it!

  • Thanks Poetic


  • Hope it turns up!!

  • Thanks amused

    I wish someone would be abe to help me tune in to where it is .

  • The feeling I get is that its disappearance has been more an act of absent-mindedness, and that it'll turn up somewhere you wouldn't expect it; like your purse maybe 🙂 I don't think it was nicked. But wherever it has ended up, it is still in your house after being removed somehow accidentally/forgetfully. Look behind and underneath it if you haven't already. Is there a cupboard near it? Look behind there too.

    I think it'll turn up really, and you'll slap yourself and say "how on earth did it end up here??"

    Hope this helps!


  • Thanks Chris ,

    i have checked behind the drawers , and everything else that was around it .

    I really appreciated your help on this .

    love Marg:)

  • Marg, did you find your money?

  • Hi Chris ,

    No i never found it , i have stopped looking for it now .My son couldnt find his DS so i turned the house upside down before went to Queensland looking for and found it the other day when i was looking for the money lol. Isnt it wierd how things work out .

  • Did you mean to hide the money? If that is the case, think of all the most unlikely places where you may have hidden it. This kind of thing happens to me when I want to hide something, I put it in a place which seems logical at the time but if I don't do it in a conscious way, I then forget where that was and the logic just does not seem the same another day. I always find it in the end, but I need to think about it and systematically check all the places that come to mind. I first panic though :). I am sure you will find it.


  • I'm seeing it tucked inside something now; like you put it in between or under something. Distance yourself from the need to find it, and it'll turn up. It hasn't been stolen; that I am very sure about. Just misplaced!

  • Thank you both Quest and Chris ,for your insight yes i am distancing myself from it .

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