In need of your help moon50

  • hi moon50

    if it's okay to request ,could you please tell me if "H" is the person i was supposed to meet who is going to impact my life in a profound way and bring healing ? or is it someone else i am supposed to meet and he isn't in my life yet ? and i need to wait before i meet this person ?

    please solve my problem. i am utterly confused and don't know what to do/think about this situation .

    is H the one ? if not, then who is he and what is he doing in my life ?

    and who is the one i am supposed to meet ?

    please help me.

  • hi moon

    i am bumping this thread so you can see it. i hope you don't mind it. if you read could you please tell me who this man is whom i am supposed to meet in coming future and what kind of relationship will i share with him? he is supposed to play a significant role in my life . will it be a romantic association? and what should i do when he is in my life? i am sorry for too many questions but this man has me puzzled. please help me solving this puzzle .

    thanks a lot for the help ahead of time

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